Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Oh! We've Been BAD!!! (and a Father's Day tidbit)

I mentioned in yesterday's post (can you believe I've posted 2days in a row???) that PC, LargeBoy, ET & SIL were up at my in-law's summer home doing some maintenance work overnight. We can assume, of course, that they are also relaxing and finding some peace & harmony with nature while they're visiting. The kids and I, left behind because time off from my job in the summer comes very rarely (it is FORBIDDEN - but we're learning to work around it slowly), have had some time to do some real Mom, Girl & SmallBoy bonding. It's been nice. But we've been BAD. Oh, yes yes, we've been bad.

The guys left before the crack of dawn yesterday for Michigan, I went to work, and SmallBoy and Girl had a day to hang out and do their own stuff. There was no time for making dinner last night, since we had to be OT 15 minutes after I got home. Now, SmallBoy's OT is located right around the corner from a restaurant in town that makes some of the best hamburgers. Each and every time we leave OT, we can almost taste the grilling burgers as the smell floats through the air to tickle and tease and torment our olfactory senses! SmallBoy and I were hungry. I knew I didn't want to have to make dinner. Heh Heh Heh. I smell a plan in the works.

We went home, talked about what to have for dinner, fed the critters, looked in the fridge at the leftovers and decided that we'd wait for Girl to come home from softball practice to make any decisions. In my mind, I'd already decided, but wanted to feel the kids out first. SmallBoy and I grabbed our books and headed out to the porch to read until Girl arrived. She hadn't even made it up the front stairs when we both pounced on her about her ideas for dinner. Well, it didn't take long for us to decide to head back to this hamburger joint. Ok, so it's actually a nice sit-down restaurant, but you get the idea. I went to my wallet to see what it held (usually nothing), and lo and behold, I found a miracle $20 bill stuck to a receipt WAAAAAAAYYYYy in the back. SCORE!

So off we went, tummies grumbling and mouths drooling. The restaurant had a kids' menu, so SmallBoy got a cheeseburger, waffle fries, and an orange juice (he HATES carbonated drinks), I got the grown-up sized burger with provolone cheese (are you drooling yet), and Girl, well, she was sort-of controlling herself with a grilled chicken caesar salad. Girl and I were very careful to only eat half our our plates to not get overfull, and then swapped doggy bags. She already ate the rest of my burger and fries for her lunch, and I'm patiently waiting until my lunch hour to go and eat the rest of her salad....of course, we have ice cream in the freezer here, AND I caved this morning and got a chocolate and caramel muffin. Oops.

Tonight, we will behave and have leftover chicken tetrazzini. It's delicious, we just weren't in the mood for it last night (plus I'd had it for lunch yesterday). Then it's off to get haircuts (see, for us, THIS is splurging and being bad), and father's day gifts. No clue what to get my dad, we've got a real good idea for PC, but here's the kicker: for some reason, SmallBoy feels the need, the urge, the pull (not the obligation) to get something for his father. Yep, the man who has turned his back on him and only remembers he exists when his family has a party. I told him not to worry, that New Wife, I'm certain would take care of getting a gift for them. Ex never once took the kids shopping for Mother's day, Christmas, or my birthday, just expected them to have gifts appear out of thin air because God forbid he spend HIS money on me (even for the kids). For years, I always made certain the kids had a gift for their father. Last year New Wife took over that responsibility. One of the few good things she's done. But I am baffled about SmallBoy's need to make sure he has a gift for his father....I bet it's the Asperger's thing .... the "rules" say that you have a gift...ya think? It certainly isn't loyalty or love, or even respect. Hmm.... Guess we'll never know.

Oh, and to add to the badness tonight, I think we might stop at the local custard stand if we have time to kill between shopping and haircuts...oh yes...very very bad!


Laura said...

Good for you. We have a standing invitation at our house on Wednesdays that this is ice cream day. Sometimes it is the $1.00 ice cream at Wendy's, and sometimes we splurge for Ben & Jerrys. Either way? Lots of fun.

See you guys soon!!

Anonymous said...

I had the best gift a Dad could have for Fathers Day. All of my daughters together and the foooood.....................!
I will be eating leftovers ( Good Leftovers ) for a couple of days.

Seeing you guyz having fun with the picture box was great too!
Love Ya..Dab