Monday, February 05, 2007

Little Drummer Boy

Thursday and Friday gave a different appearance to my living room. Drums, obviously, recording equipment, etc....The band was doing some recording for our site and for a demo. Needless to say, things were a little different. As you can see from the pics, we moved the coffee table into the tv room and landed ET's drum kit smack in the middle of the front room. We dropped in microphones, recording equipment, chairs, wires, guitars, and all of the necessaries, all of which required precarious stepping when maneuvering through the room. I was hoping that this wouldn't throw off the rhythm of the Not-So-SmallBoy. Oh it certainly did not. He was LOVING having all of the music in his house. He tried out the microphone, helped us check levels and popping p's, come to think of it, checked out the recording equipment, watched with great intrigue as the recording was done. We were a tad concerned, since the mics were live and we were recording in the living room as opposed to a quiet little studio somewhere, but everyone kept their noise to a minimum and we were fine (except when PC was dancing and none of us could hold back our laughter).

We watched as SmallBoy took "notes" on the recording board - lots of buttons, lights, sliders, and dials. To observe him, one would think that he was taking mental photographs of the board so that he could sit down and operate it after just one lesson. He was so intent, hovering over the board, trying to glean as much knowledge as he could. It was amazing. His eyes were ablaze in wonderment and focus...oh yes, he was incredibly focused, especially as he watched our friend, Colondo - who was recording us, use the board. I've only ever seen him focus like this on video games, it was amazing. Oh, you should have seen him. But it was the drums that drew the most interest. I've already got a baby grand piano in my living room, I hope this is just a passing thing...or do I?

It was with the same focus and hunger for learning the recording board that he listened and watched ET show him what to do on the drums. ET showed him how to hold the stick properly, what part of the cymbals to use, how to use the high-hat and the kick pedals, what the snare is for, and away he went. He was happy as a clam. He PLAYED...he didn't just bang away hitting random drums. He was making rhythm This child has never played the drums before and it seemed almost natural to him. Sure, ET kept guiding him, but everything ET said, he absorbed, like a sponge, and applied. He wanted to play those drums all night. He was doing great!

"What a great resource," I thought to myself. A new tool for OT, perhaps? Could this be something to help when his engine is too high, and to help him with the musical blood that runs through his veins to reach its potential? Hell, he can sit down at a piano and make music - he can't play, per se, but he can find chords and patterns that make musical "sense" and that sound good together. He's got a knack for this music stuff. I know they say that kids on the spectrum tend to be really good in areas of music/math, and SmallBoy most certainly is. Hmmm....makes me wonder....should I get him a small drum kit for his room? A drum pad crossed my mind, but it won't be the "same" for him, know what I mean? Anyone have any thoughts on this?


kristina said...

We've been thinking about the drums for Charlie too-I'll also note that my ADHD husband played drums in a garage band once upon a time......

Anonymous said...

Did you see this Yahoo article? I wanted to email it to you, but I'm dumb and can't figure out how to do that. Please forgive that I'm posting it as a comment.

Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

Drum pads aren't the same, believe me. (My son is a drummer.) If you have lots of money, electric drums are great, though, because they can put their headsets on and hear themselves - but the rest of the family doesn't have to!

BTW - I was trying to email you, Christina. Can you drop me a line? Thanis!