Friday, April 14, 2006

Playtime With Peeps

As I drove down the roads, abandoned of their usual morning traffic, I was, the only sorry sap heading in to work today. I needed comforting, so I turned on the radio and was listening to the morning DJs discussing, what else, Peeps! I knew there would be no channel surfing, I was staying tuned in, not touching that dial - no way, nu hunh, no sirreeee Bob! Last year I had done a Peeps post (if I manage to figure out where it is in my archives I 'll link it for you), so I listened to see if there was going to be something fun.

As I expected, there was talk of the Peeps explosion - both in terms of their marketing and how they are no longer just for the Easter Holiday anymore, but for any and ALL holidays, and, well, for those of you familiar with exploding Peeps in the microwave, that would be the other meaning. My family is full of Peeps Geeks. They will let them get stale because they're not "in the mood for all that sugar", but then when they dive in, they pop them in the nuker to "soften them up". This led to exploding Peeps, and now it's a tradition in the MommyGuilt Household.

The chatter and chuckling kept streaming through the radio as they further discussed the highs and lows of Peeps (yes, the sugar highs and lows). Then THE caller called.

"Have you ever heard of Peep jousting?"

You can imagine the squeal of laughter coming from my wide open car (it's going to be 80 degrees today!) when the caller explained the "sport". I MUST preface this with a WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, CAN START A FIRE!!!!! Here is the premise for the "game," if you will: Place two Peeps on a plate and "arm" each with a toothpick (for jousting, of course). Pop them in the microwave and watch as they expand. Whichever "player" expands far enough to jab his opponent first, wins.

I was almost doubled over my steering wheel laughing SO hard! It made it MUCH easier to come into the office today! Have you done anything unusual with YOUR Peeps?


Mama Kelly said...

OMGs we may just have to DO this


personally I am not fond of peeps
never have been
maybe i got scared by one as a baby

mommyguilt said...

You know what's funny - I won't eat them - same excuse as the kids, but mine is for waistline reasons, too much sugar, but blowing them up in the microwave is just too much.

Wade Rankin said...

And here's a little fun for all you Peeps fans out there.

KCsMom said...

Peeps! I have never tried them but will look for them in the store. Sounds fun! I know Big brother would love to experiment with the toothpicks and Peeps.

Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

What is it about peeps? I don't like them but my hubby loves them. But more than that, people really seem to like to dress them up and play with them in a way that they never do with other sugary treats. Strange!

Laura said...

Personally? I adore Peeps. I know there is some website where they do a Peeps Nativity, Peeps scenes from Shakespeare, etc. But I LOVE the jousting idea.

Did you know you can get a giant blow-up PEEP for your front yard? And it was Jon Stewart who said that they made a huge batch of Peeps in 1954 and we are still eating them today. HEE.

Kristina Chew said...

I bought a box of the chicks for my Latin classes (we had just read a poem about......a pet sparrow) and it sweetened up their day (it was midterm time) for sure.