Friday, April 21, 2006

What's Going on in MG Land

Hi everyone - I hope everyone's holidays were wonderful. It poured here in Chicago for Easter, but that was fine, we were all busy inside stuffing our faces and enjoying our family. The second round of Spring Break, for Girl & SmallBoy this time, is beginning to draw to a close, but began with a bang. Girl ended up getting into a bit of trouble with her friends and losing all of her privileges over break - heh heh heh...ok, so I shouldn't chortle, I've been grounded for a month once, it stunk. That same day, however, SmallBoy and Princess went into the city with PC & ET and had a blast! They went to Millenium Park, saw "The Bean" (for those of you outside of this area, I'll post a pic later, but suffice it to say The Bean is a seamless structure, covered in a reflective metal, shaped like a kidney have to see it), walked around, had a picnic, climbed the trellis (a family tradition from MY family which I'm so happy to have shared with PC's family), and came home exhausted but exhilirated. Now THAT's a great way to start a break! Girl went to the White Sox game (only because the other parent had already spent money on the tix), and that was that.

This week has been busy with OT, psychologists, cub scouts, softball practices, rehearsals for my band's gig tonight at Fitzgerald's (if you're in town, come on over!!!). INSANITY I TELL YOU! Lots of discussion with Smallboy's therapist, but that is for another post altogether, but I will sum it up with this: We all agreed that Ex has no plans to come around to acceptance and reality anytime soon and that the goal now is to find the best ways to help SmallBoy handle this. This, we will accomplish in many ways, as there are SO many people who love and adore SmallBoy and are willing to help us out!

I've missed you all so much! My mouth is pretty much better, still some jaw pain, but only on the right side - it'll kill after tonight's gig, though. Tomorrow morning I have to work at 8 (UGH, after a late night singing...), then off to a vocal competition (come out to Molly Malone's in Forest Park and vote for ME please, if you're around 1:00 Saturday - tomorrow!!!!), then off to sing at church for 5:00 mass, then, on to a wedding reception - OY!!!!! I'm exhausted - you?

I'm dying to catch up with all of you and I promise I'll swing by and read as soon as I can. Miss you Miss you Miss you!!!


MOM-NOS said...

I'm not technologically advanced enough to know how to do this, but I was just thinking how COOL it would be if you could add an audio clip of your band - or even just you singing - to your blog!

Laura said...

I was wondering where you had gone to. And I second the idea to post an audio clip! And pictures! Nice to see you.