Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm Here - AND THERE!

Hi everone! I wanted to let you know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth! Some of you, actually, have managed to find me. I am writing as the parent-of-special-needs-child/working mom representative at Chicago Parent Magazine's online component. You'll know how to find me when you get there, I promise. Life is still as crazy as ever. If you read the post below this one, then you know that even our sacred "7th Day" is no longer ours. We've been busier than bees, running to this, that and the other - usually at the same time. The band is on a roll and is gearing up to complete our CD!!! Stop on by ChicagoParent and say hi! There are many posts in there that I'd love your feedback on. Leaving a comment is as easy as clicking in the upper right corner where it says, "Join," creating a username & password (kind of like here at blogger), and then just leaving a comment (also kind of like here at blogger). I'll keep writing here, worries, just not as often!


K.C.'s Blog said...

Wow a cd! That is so cool! You are gonna be famous!

momof3feistykids said...

Congratulations. :-)