Monday, April 30, 2007

Motherly Bragging

Hi all...I have a bit of motherly bragging to do about Girl.

Each year, as the final art project of the year, the eigth graders are required to replicate a masterpiece by a famous artist. Girl chose a piece by Salvador Dali, entitled, "Mae West as an Apartment." A few pieces were entered into a contest with other schools throughougt the Chicago and suburban area. I am very proud to say that her painting was awarded 2nd place, with other classmates also placing in the top 6.

Girl's piece, as well as all of the eigth grade class, is eligible to receive the school's masterpiece award. If she wins, the school will keep her masterpiece and hang it in the halls of the school for posterity. She would receive a replica of her masterpiece to keep.

As usual, we are incredibly proud of her.

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Wade Rankin said...

And well you should be proud. Her work is more homage than a mere copy. Good stuff!!!