Monday, May 08, 2006

#300!!!!! HOLY COW!!!

OH MY GOD! This is my 300th post! I'd like to go on and ruminate about all of the posts, the people, the comments, the ideas, the love, the "family", but we do that all that time. Instead, I'll answer the most common question about the previous post:

What's with the SmallBoy and the bottles?

Every year, the music teacher does a project with the class wherein they have to invent a certain type of instrument. In the past, they've been instruments you pluck, instruments you make vibrate. This time around, they were charged with the task of creating an aerophone - an instrument through which the sound is created by blowing into it (air passing through it). We opted for a panpipes kind of instrument, with a little variance. We had a few bottles with nothing worth saving (or drinking) in the bottom, so we washed them, peeled the labels, stuck them together with duct tape, and filled each one to a different level...we actually managed to get the two larger ones in tune with each other. In the picture, he was showing off his completed project - decorated with dandelions, glitter glue, and a "few" stickers. We haven't gotten the feedback from the teacher yet, but WE sure thought it was cool!

The next most asked question in the last post's comments was about the listening therapy. The label on the disc case says "Vital Listening". SmallBoy has OT tonight, so I'll see if I can find out anymore info or get a website for you. It's really been a wonderful thing for him. We will be switching to a new disc today, and I'm curious to see the family's different reactions to it again - particularly Smallboy's, of course. Update: I talked to J, the OT extraordinaire, tonight about the music. We use the Vital Links Therapeutic Listening Program. There are different CDs for dysregulation, disconnection, modulation, spatial awareness, and after that, there is a basic core program. Click here to go to the Vital Links site. There is also another program in which the protocol is laid out called The Listening Program - I don't have

Hmmm, let's see...oh yes, contest....Etta James, apparently was a showstopper - that's what PC, my mother, my father, and my friends tell me. I don't want to tempt fate, so I'll wait and see if the phone call comes in the next few days, then I'll tell you how I felt about it. I'll keep you posted. I really really will need song ideas, though, so ANYTHING you think would be able to top that song and come in under 3 1/2 minutes would be most helpful. Smackwater Jack I would LOVE to do, and we do it with the band, except they put this caveat on us - it has to be "appropriate for family enjoyment"...RUDE (no, just kidding - I don't think the part about what happens after Jack goes shopping would go over well with the judges).

Almost time to go home and start my rushing around - what would life be without 12 places to be after work? My desk is covered in paperwork and resumes, so I'd best clean up before PC arrives to pick me up. Oh I hope he has SmallBoy with him! I will post again tonight or tomorrow about the listening therapy!


Anonymous said...

Gladys Knight's version of ...I heard it through the grape vine.

The Chokin' kind I made the cd for you.

Hey Bartender Koko Taylor.
Love Ya, Dab

K.C.'sMommy said...

Congrats on the 300 th post girl!! Hope there are many many more:) You write beautifully:)

Laura said...

Ok, I think Aretha would be good: Respect, Think, You Make Me Feel... And after Elvis Night on American Idol last night I would love to hear "Trouble" but that might not be family appropriate: "I'm evillllll..." I still think Carole King would be good. OOOH! Or Janis Joplin!!!

Love your son and the liquor bottles. Heh.