Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Formal Invitation for YOU

WOW!!!! I never thought I would get this far! If you've been following the Wednesday Journal articles starting with the May 10th article or the wonderful emails from my loving husband, then you are aware of this vocal contest in which I am competing (at the urging of my family - who, by the way, threatened to enter me if I wouldn't enter myself).

The final elimination rounds were held this past weekend, ours in a very fan-packed Slaton's Supper Club (so packed, in fact, the police had to come and stop the contest until a better seating arrangement was, well, arranged). I competed with 12 other fantastic vocalists, and, with the exception of one contestant, I was the only one well over the age of 16.

To a very crowded room, and with the judges sitting less than 2feet away, I performed, "At Last," by Etta James. I was exhilirated when, in mid-song, I realized that even I had stopped breathing in amazement at what was happening. According to my adoring husband, and my family and friends, the whole room stopped breathing. Even with the hoots, hollers, hoorays, the standing "O", and the wonderful comments from the judges, I still was not convinced that my performance would advance me to the semi-finals.

I finally exhaled yesterday when the call came in confirming my inclusion among the 6 contestants selected from 13 to move on to the semi-final round. From this round only 3 will be chosen to move on to the finals. I will be competing with a phenomenal group of singers, including the young man who won the "Chicago Idol" contest. They are all incredible.

75% of our scoring comes from the panel of judges - all of whom are very talented and successful in their fields of performance. The other 25% comes from YOU!!!!!! My friends and family, I need your support. Your votes count! "How can I vote," you ask? The contest rules state that all those who attend the competition can vote for their favorite 3 performers. I would greatly appreciate your support and your votes.

The next competition is Sunday, May 21 4:00 in the jazz club at La Piazza, 410 Circle Ave in Forest Park (they are
having a special $8 Tango-tini's). If you can be there, I would love to see your face and have your support. I would urge you to get there EARLY, as it WILL be crowded. The doors open at 3. You will be my favorite aunt, friend, choir director, cousin, sister, father, brother-in-law, blogger, etc...if you come!


Anonymous said...

HMMMMMM, why was there no mention of the Kick ass favorite, Christina Meadowcroft???

Maybe they are savin' it for da big one? :)

Laura said...

Wish I could be there! Knock it out of the park, girl! And you need to find some way to link audio or video to your blog so we can hear you!

Break a leg!! (in the best sense)

Wade Rankin said...

Can those of us who are not in town give a proxy to someone who can cast a vote for us?

Katie said...

You were awesome on Saturday and we look forward to seeing you in the next round !!!

K & J

Anonymous said...

Ho Hum, How absolutely Boring!!