Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Year (or Two) of SmallBoy

...while he's still a small boy. Tomorrow he will be 10, and no longer a "SmallBoy. Here are some pics of some of SmallBoys adventures over the last year or so...not in any order whatsoever. This picture is from Friday night - 6 boys between ages 9 & 10. Video games. Much hyperactivity. Thankfully, one of the boys got him a flag football set, so we went to the park down the block and played mud flag football - in the dark!

These pics are from Cub Scout outings. The one in the orange shirt is from an afternoon we spent helping the boys learn orienteering - or, how to not get lost. They were given a compass and coordinates and told to find things. The were also given an object in the distance and taught to find the degrees/measurements. The one in the uniform was from the Rain Gutter Regata. The boys got to build boats and send them down a rain gutter (in a race), with the only steam coming from the scout's lungs!

Dozin' with the Dinos was another event at the Field Museum. The Cub Scouts got to take over the entire museum and spend the night! We had a BLAST! H-O-S-E Limbo Time! Here we are at my mom's house on one very very hot day in June. SmallBoy thought it would be fun to play Hose Limbo. We did. Then, LargeBoy, my mother (GR), and SmallBoy turned the hose on us! SmallBoy hanging upside down on the machine at OT. Among all of his favorite things to do, this is at the top of his list. He LOVES this machine. J makes him use his upper body strength and lower body strength to bring himself back to a horizontal position, and then a vertical upright position.

Hot summer day with his watermelon. I think this was in July - before the days of the melted candle!

Scooter boy and Cookie Boy - I think the cookie one was from 2yrs ago at our family cookie baking day. Scooter Boy was just this summer through the park near our house.

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Kristina Chew said...

These are fabulous----a sweet chronicle. 10 tomorrow? Where does it all go? Charlie has three-quarters of a year till he hits the double digits.