Thursday, October 26, 2006

Confirmation Pics

It's not very often that I post a good picture of Girl - mainly because she's just so damn beautiful that I don't want her face all over the net looked at by weirdos. YOU, however, are not weirdos. You are friends & family. I'll just keep the anonymity thing up through the blog.

As I said in the post below, Girl's Confirmation was 10/21. I have some pics of Girl, the bishop, and her sponsor (who, coincidentally is Ex's divorce attorney - she's really a real estate attorney, she's the godmother of New Baby, however she is a very GOOD and very REAL person, if you know what I mean, and I applaud Girl for choosing her as her sponsor), and a great pic of the boys at the dinner...looking like they're deep in conversation after throwing back a few beers (which, of course, they did not). So, here ya go!

Yes, yes, love them love them!


Roni said...

beautiful kids!

Lora said...

Thanks for sharing the pics, they are beautiful kids. Hope that you are doing very well, I am always thinking of you my dear friend. Love you all :) Oh, and big hugs too!!!!

KC's Mommy said...

Beautiful photos! Your kiddos are gorgeous:)

Anonymous said...

Well, I was going to say how beautiful your kids are, but I see that it's been said already!

What a lucky mom you are. (I know because I am too!)

Laura said...

What great kids. Congrats to Girl.