Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sunday at GR's

I mentioned before that we spent Sunday evening at my mother's baking again. Here are the pics. There are some really goofy ones of Girl and some silly ones of the Not-So-SmallBoy! Here we go!

I let LargeBoy drive the last couple of miles to my mother's house. It was a straightaway, for the most part, but a street that involved going 40mph, AND on a highway divided only by the double yellow line, a first for the LargeBoy. We were going to wash MY car when we got there, but Mom's was first in, so SmallBoy took it upon himself to take care of GR's car...sadly, the Acura is NOT mine, I drive a wagon.

After the car washing, SmallBoy was soaked. He took off his shirt and rolled up his pants. Here he is hugging my Chica while sporting the Huck Finn look! It was so cute!

20minutes he ran on GR's treadmill. He went on his own, set the speed and ran the entire 20minutes. They say he loves to do this when he visits. Go figure. If we had a treadmill, it would turn into a clothes rack, as was the fate of the Nordic Trak I once owned. Good for SmallBoy, though! I don't think I could do 20minutes on a treadmill if you paid me!

Moe, Larry, and Curly at their best. Oh yes, they were most definitely posing...what gave it away? Can you guess what we had for dinner?

Oh she's going to be so pissed that I posted this picture! Baby Goowah being her royal dorkness while forming her loaf for the pan!

Girl & GR...I love photos like this. These are the classics. I wish I had more pics like this with my grandma. Instead I have them permanently burned into my memory...not a bad place to be.

Girl & Chica - gee, I wonder where she gets her weirdness. I tell you, it skipped me, went right to my sister who used my kids as a human shield when Mom uttered the words to The Mother's Curse, "I hope someday YOUR kids act JUST LIKE YOU!"

Girl and me. We had a flour fight. Guess who won. I made the mistake of wearing my glasses that day. It took FOREVER to get them clean! The flour clung to my hair like sand. It took me two washes to get it all out! I swear my hair is permanently changed to a much duller color now.

Remember "Miss Susie Had a Steamboat?" This was SO not that! The new one is "Gawn Girl" (translated 'Go On Girl'). This was the easy part. It was the complicated moves that were the most hysterical. GR caught on though, and by the end she had the claps, the slaps, and the snaps all in the right places!

We were supposed to be demonstrating the newest exercise ball thing that we had learned at OT, but someone's engine was WAY too high. The Not-So-SmallBoy was bouncing off the walls and rolling across the living room, still looking like Huck Finn.

We had a blast! Thanks Mama, for letting us invade...oh yes, and for feeding us. It's so much more fun than making our OWN dinner! Love you lady! Hope you feel better soon!


Anonymous said...

Just reading that and looking at the pictures made me feel a whole lot better!Thank you for cheering up my days! GR

Mamaroo said...

Those are some great moments you caught. You always win for the funnest Mom!