Friday, October 06, 2006

A Matter of Perspective

SmallBoy had OT last night, and it was much needed, as his engine has been revved pretty high the last week. One of the things J, The Fabulous OT, has him do is design an obstacle course. Part of last night's course included this swing.

On the swing was one of those foamy puzzles, you know with the interlocking blocks and the puzzle piece inside that comes out. This one was left there from the previous client and was a letter/number puzzle. He wanted to use the removal and replacing of the pieces as part of the course. So, instead of his usual routine of thinking of a random word for every letter that goes back into the puzzle, J had him think of words that described him.

My Not-So-SmallBoy was having a great time with this exercise. Some of the words he came up with absolutely were NOT describing words, but it wasn't because he didn't know what to do...he was just being a goof, but most of the time he was on target. One of the letters he chose was "L".

J The Fabulous OT: "So, SmallBoy, what can you think of to describe yourself with the letter 'L'?"

NSSB (after giving it many giggles and much thought): "Lucky!"

J The Fabulous OT: "That's awesome SmallBoy! You sure are lucky! Why is it that you're lucky?"

NSSB (without missing a beat): Because I have Asperger's and I know all about it and I can help people.

MG (after exchanging glances with J & PC): Sniff sniff, wipe away the tear.

J The Fabulous OT: "Absolutely, SmallBoy. What a GREAT thing to be lucky for!" Looking into the lobby and PC & me, "What about those people out there?"

NSSB (not quite getting that she was referring to PC AND me): "Oh yeah! I'm lucky because I have two dads!"

J The Fabulous OT ( who is perfectly aware of the situation with Ex, and while I hold back the tears and squeeze PC's hand): "Oh yes, SmallBoy. You are VERY lucky about that! I only have ONE dad!"

I had waterfalls for the rest of OT. It was mostly because I love it when he recognizes PC as Dad...because he is most definitely the father figure in his life, and he LOVES that NSSB SO much! Part of it was seeing the perspective that SmallBoy was coming from, though...I've never looked at it that way - both the 2 dads thing and being lucky for having Asperger's (which I thought was INCREDIBLY cool!)

Oh my Not-So-SmallBoy...we've come a long way, my love. PC & I are SO unbelievably proud of you!


Kristina Chew said...

I can't believe, can he said, NSSM said all that----glorious and beautiful! Awesome, and more. Makes me reach for the Kleenex myself.....

KC's Mommy said...

Awwwww, beautiful, sure brought tears to my eyes. NSSM has a huge heart, what a terrific kiddo.

What a cool OT! Send her our way:)