Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Last Minute Plea

Someone PLEASE save me!!! I have to go to that awful place with the loud grating noises, and the tube that sucks out your mouth, and the pointed metal things they tell you never ever to put in your mouth. Oh yes, they try to deceive you with the reclining chairs but HA! I know better...they shine an obscenely bright lamp in your face, expect you to hold your mouth open while they poke, prod, and scrape, then stick big plastic things in your mouth and wedge them there til you feel like you're going to hurl and then they ditch out of the room to avoid the exposure to the radiation from the xray machine. How RUDE!

I'm really just going to see if I actually lost the filling that I think I did, but I still have a tremendous case of the willies and do NOT want to go. I am trying desperately to use my mommy guilt to get me out of this - Girl has softball practice at 6:00, SmallBoy has a t-ball game at 5:45. We have one car available since I will have the other at the dentist (oh the pain caused by that word!). Don't you think that I should go home and help my children out? Don't you agree that my children need my shuttle services and my support at their sporting events? Don't you also agree that PC shouldn't have to do the shuttling for me?

Yes, Citations, I hear you...I know, I know....Yes, Mother, I hear you too. Ok, OK, OK! I'll go already!!!!!

But I will leave you all with this- and be sure to read it with the proper inflection: Hmmmmph!


Mom said...

so did you survive?

mommyguilt said...

I did survive, but check out the post two or three above this one for the end result...EEEEUUUUWWW