Wednesday, April 27, 2005

No Cavities, Mom!

Smile! I survived the trip to the dentist. My fillings are all in tact - thank GOD! Unfortunately, he informed me that I can no longer put off having my wisdom teeth pulled. But I had NO cavities Mom! I'm not sure when I'm going to get this done since I have no time now, and in the summer I'm not allowed to take time off of work - GRRRRR. But that was just the verbal pain. I ended up with a full check up, x-rays, scraping, cleaning - the works. Now bear in mind when you're wondering,
Why on the face of the earth has she put off going this long?
that since my divorce I had no dental insurance and I just received my new policy at work. So you can imagine the amount of yuck that was on my teeth, right? OH LORD! Dr. Normally Painless put the mouth sucker between my lips and started powerwashing off the tartar from my teeth. Then he scraped. Then he powerwashed again. Only stronger. And between my teeth! There was one particular pair of teeth that had a gross amount of tartar lodged in the crevice between. He took the powerwasher and physically moved it in an out between my teeth, over and OVER and OVER and OVER! But nonetheless, I came out alive and went right to a t-ball game. No more denting for 6mos. Yes, Mother, I remember the wisdom teeth need to be pulled!


JDL said...

Poor Baby!!!

I hope you had something later to take away the pain. :)

I had to have FIVE wisdom teeth removed. Yes. 5. I have never recovered.

mommyguilt said...

How in the world did you end up with 5 wisdom teeth? Oh wait, this is you we're talking about...that's a silly question!

Yes, I had a cold beverage waiting for me!

Mom said...

I know - it takes me a while to get caught up with things. I get to go every three months for the wonderful cleanings! Glad you got there and maybe you could wait until after the wedding for the wisdom teeth to come out!