Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Player of the Game

HOORAY for SMALLBOY!!! We had a t-ball game tonight (immediately following the trip to Dr. Painless). It was cold and I was anything but dressed appropriately for a freezing cold t-ball game. The players were all munchkins dressed in their uniforms, layered over sweatshirts and sweatpants. God, it was cute! I arrived just in time to see SmallBoy hit for the first time. He whacked it and got to first base! A few batters later, he scored. Next time up, he got to second...a few more batters and another run scored by SmallBoy. One more time and SmallBoy was 3 for 3 tonight! Congratulations SmallBoy! You won PLAYER OF THE GAME tonight and you sure deserved it!

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Grandma (GR) said...

Yea for SmallBoy! Player of the Game is really neat.