Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Or "Prince Charming" for those of you new to my site (that would be my fabulous Hubby) - He has not only undertaken (and completed) the front porch project, but has begun the second phase of the back porch beautification project. Last weekend with Mom's help, we emptied out the tons of crap - stuff that hadn't found a home since we moved in, stuff that migrated out there over the period of time since we moved in, etc... This weekend, we have THE PARTY. The porch is now clean enough to set cold drinks on, send children to if it's too icky outside, etc. Ultimately our porch will become part pantry, part living space and then, perhaps in a few years, an extended kitchen/eating area/porch. For now, it's really cool. PC is determined to get this looking wonderful as soon as humanly possible. I LOVE that he starts a project and....wait for it............actually finishes it! Most men won't do that, but he will he's awesome. What I like even more is that he won't let me lift a finger to help with the cleanup - even when I help out! I think I'll keep him.


Pat said...

Love your new site! Much easier on the eyes.

mommyguilt said...

Thanks Pat -

Come back soon!!!!!