Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fitzgerald's! Be There!

Not being as well versed in html techno-verbage as Citations, I cannot bring you the fabulous flyer for our band's gig this weekend at Fitzgerald's (click to see the schedule for the month...we are on the 15th!). However, if you check over with FC, she has the wonderful flyer posted.

Come and see our band, Code West, tomorrow night at Fitzgerald's. We expect to see you all there. My friends across the pond, perhaps I'll figure out how to post pictures for you so you, too, can share in the fun.


Julie said...

You'll have to post some pics. Can you do a sound file? :)

mommyguilt said...

No, sadly, I'm technically challenged and haven't learned that yet. But if you click on the Code West link, I think it may have a link to the band's OLD website (maybe archived), which DOES have pics. I think I used up all of my blogger picture space and it won't let me do that to two sites at once. I will most certainly be looking into the sound thing, though!