Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's About Time!

Thanks to Mom in the Mirror for this great post about a Mom's Bill of Rights. Here is her column. Click over to read the comments and to add your own.

>July 01, 2005

The Mommy's Bill of Rights

I just discovered a clever article by a writer who "decided the Constitution, a model for human rights and democracy, gives little hope to mothers who don't have time to pursue life or liberty, and whose happiness is stopping at a red light to finish brushing their teeth in the rear view mirror."

She's written the Mommy's Bill of Rights because "someone has to uphold the rights of a group of people whose arms are too tired by the end of the day to hold anything else up."

Here's an edited version (these are mostly her words, I just shortened and summarized in places):

Article I: A Mom has the right to freedom of (uninterrupted) speech.

Article II: Mom has the right to confiscate any inanimate object.

Article III: All mothers have the natural right to bear and utilize one of the most dangerous and powerful weapons in the world: guilt.

Article IV: Moms have the right to peacefully assemble -- without their children.

Article V: Mom has the right not to be a victim of cruel and unusual punishment.

Article VI: Mom has the right to own unbroken possessions.

Article VII: Mothers have the right to bestow wisdom.

Article VIII: Mothers have the right to donate.

Article IX: Mothers have the right to vigorously promote coats and vegetables.

Article X: Mothers have the right to prohibit anyone younger than 5 from asking "but, why?"

Amendment I: A mother has the right to love her children unconditionally -- forever.

I have also taken it upon myself to add:

Mothers have the right to sleep until at least dawn, the right to have someone else get up in the morning when she's been up all night sleepless with a sick child.

Mothers have the right to shower without siblings running into the bathroom complaining of hunger, a spill, another sibling, the DVD player, etc...

Mothers have the right to be sick and/or injured all by themselves, without anyone else being sick or injured...and if someone else really and truly IS sick or injured at the same time, then that person needs to find someone else to fill in until Mom is fully healed and healthy.


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