Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Life Lesson #1504

I hope each of you had a wonderful 4th of July! We did some major yardwork on Monday after spending the rest of the weekend running around like crazy. I just wish that not only would the 4th of July be a mandatory holiday (because it's not at my office - I had to B.S. my way to get the day off), but that the 5th of July also be a holiday to allow recovery time. People travel, have parties, stay up late for the fireworks, wait for the kids to come home from their outtings....we need that next day to kick back and let our bodies catch up. Ok, done with that....out of my system until next year. On to the lesson:

Never use a curling iron when dressed only in your robe!!!

I learned this lesson the hard way while getting ready for work. I had been trying to curl my hair relatively quickly, as it was already 15minutes to "Go-time". I had not yet picked out what to wear, so I was still in my robe. My hands were still just a teensy-weensy bit wet from washing my face. As I rolled down a curl near the top of my head, the iron, slippery from my hands fell. There was no time for instinct to kick in. All of a sudden I felt something tingling in a not so sexy way right across....yeah, you guessed it, my right...hmmm, what's a good synonym for this...."ninny" (thanks for the word KC).

I have been using your typical burn, cut, scrape antibiotic ointment and it's beginning to heal nicely, but it itches like almighty hell. What drives me even more crazy is that I can't exactly scratch it, even though I know I shouldn't anyway.

So, learn from me: Always make sure your hands are dry when you're curling your hair and make sure you always have on some kind of a shirt or SOMETHING! To be correct and fair to the gentlemen, I would definitely advise wearing pants if you are curling your hair or near someone who happens to be curling hair!

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