Saturday, July 16, 2005

Rockin' Mama

As of this morning, I only have a few pics from last night's gig, but I wanted to make sure to show you kinda sorta what we looked like. This looks pretty tame, so it must have been during the soundcheck. I have a few others, but I don't know how to crop out the people in here who would prefer not to be on camera....I figured this was blurry enough. I should have some more pics by next week to post for you, though! I would be the one in the orange.

Oh, but I must incredible as the gig was, I had a little oopsie right before we were on. I went into the little girls room to "get cute" before we went on. As I bent down to set my drink on the floor, my pants ripped. No, no, no...not from what you'd think. I had a weak spot near the back pocket from yanking my jeans up by the belt straps. Well, apparently, I had stepped on the cuff of my pants while I was bending down and RRRRRRRrrrrip...right down the pocket. Thank GOD I was wearing a long shirt. My poor band had to look at my behind all night though. Thanks guys for taking care of my drinks all night!

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