Monday, December 04, 2006

I Stole from Mamaroo

I was reading Mamaroo's post about ideas for Roo for Christmas, and became inspired. I ordered moon shoes for him (oh my god, he's going to love them!). I have a feeling, however, that there may be a couple, two, three, of you who may still need ideas for him, so I will present them to you here:

Jumparoo Anti-Gravity Pogo Stick


Gigaball (this is WAY too cool, and now that we have a dog/poop-less yard, he can do this!)


Moon Bounce (we used to call them Hippety Hops).

I could also use one of THESE for him too - no, seriously, I could. It would be fabulous for him. Yes, Dad & FIL, I can hear you both loud and clear - Liability Liability Liability. However, it's also good for SmallBoy. If not, he could use a swingset...from which we could hang various pieces of OT equipment for him.

Games would be good, too, or fun things that he can do indoors while waiting to pass the time til the snow melts, although, THIS could be GREAT fun for winter!.

I wanted to post today about the guys' trip to scout camp on the freezing cold, snow-laden Saturday, but I've been so busy at work today trying to catch up from OUR snowday, that it's not 2:45 and I've been writing this post on and off since 7:30 this morning. EEEEEEEEEEK! Basketball game and potential confrontation with ex tonight, but I'll have my PC with me to protect me.

Ok, back to work I go. Chat with ya later!

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