Sunday, December 03, 2006

Normal Life, Again.

The boys are home from their trip, I'll post some more about that tomorrow. The trip was given mixed reviews. Right now, all that matters is that they're home, safe & warm. PC is exhausted and is taking a nap. I know it's late, but he needed the sleep. I won't let him sleep much longer, though, or he won't be able to sleep tonight.

Heading out in the cold, in PC's nice warm car that doesn't have a terminally flat tire or a whine in the engine, to take Girl off to softball practice at the high school - gotta love softball in the freezing cold of winter - oh! NO! it's STILL autumn! GEEZ O PETES! Kyra, when's Solstice again? The 20th? 21st?

SmallBoy is in the living room using up his stars on some video games, LargeBoy's in the shower, and Girl's getting ready for softball. Thought I'd take this opportunity to SEIZE the computer before I lose it to the powers that be - no, that would be my kids.

Well, off I go. Slugging my coffee and finding my snow boots! Chat with you tomorrow! Happy Sunday. OH, wait...look what I found on this site. I found lots of great things and ordered a TON of stuff, but THIS one struck me. Perhaps I'll put it on SmallBoy's coat if his father ever sees him again. I LOVE it! I think it might, at the very least make a statement. Might not necessarily be effective in sending the message that it intends, because Ex is too pigheaded to understand, but it will get the message to others! Ok, really now, going to put on my snow boots and coat. Layers are the key here! Lots and lots of layers!


kyra said...

have i mentioned how much i LOVE your pics on the sidebar? and the way they pop up and enlarge? so fun!

okay. i think solstice is the 21st. so you'd celebrate that night. that's my plan until i hear otherwise!

dress in those layers! i'll join you since our spate of lovely warm weather has ended and there are fat snowflakes falling outside as i type!


Laura said...

Hey - neat site. I will have to show it to G. There is a decided lack of girl buttons, but girls are a much smaller majority, so I will let it slide this once. ;)

Juggling Mother said...

Love the public awareness cards. I have so wanted to yell that at the disapproving sour-faces that sare at Mstr A when he jiggles around in the middle of a restuarant or whatever! I might make some of my own up:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi,Sweetie! I'm just betting that you thought that I never read your site! I just saw that Asperger's button online this afternoon! What a small world! Order dozens.I'll wear one and give one to everyone we know! Maybe we could hand them out at gigs in celebration of Asperger's birthday! -PC

Kristina Chew said...

Dangerous site!

mommyguilt said...

Yes, it is dangerous. I think I ordered one or two of almost everything on there, and still have to go back and order THAT button on the post in every form imaginable.