Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Day

Happy Friday! I am HOME today! After waking up at an ungodly hour and assessing the threat of the inclement weather (ok, CRAPPY weather), and the sleet and rain and yuck this morning, topped with the winter storm warning and a couple of the schools in the area closing (ones that NEVER close), my regional director and I made the decision to close the office today. So, I get a snow day.

To my surprise, the Archdiocese of Chicago closed all of the parochial schools - grammar and high schools, but our local public school district followed the lead of the Chicago Public Schools and did NOT close. What did this mean for OUR family? It meant that Girl, SmallBoy, PC, and I got a very rare snow day, and that LargeBoy had to go to school. Currently, Girl is out doing the sled hill thing with all of her friends. Our house is situated less than half a block from the hill, so, therefore, the MommyGuilt Ski Lodge is open for business. PC is out stocking up on warm clothing and accessories for the overnight with the scouts tomorrow night, so right now, I'm enjoying having my SmallBoy all to myself.

This morning, PC drove LargeBoy to school so that he didn't have to walk 2miles in the snow and biting sleety/snowy wind. Me? I went back to sleep. Yeah, right. I made coffee, and snuggled up back on the sofa to watch MORE coverage of the storm. We had thunder and lightning with this stuff - VERY bizarre. Girl woke up shortly thereafter and we watched the morning news together - something usually reserved for PC, since I'm always gone by the time the news comes on. It was a nice little time with my Girl. Apparently, I drifted back to sleep on the sofa and woke up shortly after 9. From then on, our day has been non stop - although I did JUST now (it's after 12N) get dressed and straighten my hair.

PC will be back soon with warm camping stuff in tow, and with ET. I was hired to sing carols at a Holiday House Walk this evening (3hrs - I don't think I know 3hrs worth of carols...gonna have to do every verse in English & Latin (Kristina, how many Christmas songs can you translate by 6:00 CST? Kidding.), so while I'm out, the boy reign supreme. Girl will be at a friend's house tonight and I will be the only estrogen vessel to pass through the house. Hopefully, she'll sleep well - high school placement exams in the morning.

The guys leave in the morning and I will be hanging out with Meem and a couple of her friends as we go and watch an auction in which she has a piece of artwork on the block. To see it, click here, scroll down to the picture of the football player. Click on the pic to find out it's info and to, potentially, bid if you're so inclined.

I gotta say, I'm missing NaBloPoMo. I know I won't be feeling the pressure to post every day, but I can tell you that I'll at least feel the URGE to post every day. Well, SmallBoy is snuggled up in front of a movie, the house is still just him and me, so I will end here and go hang with my bug.


Kristina Chew said...

Oh no! I just read this and am too late with the Latin--for the next time, try these Latin Xmas carols:

Rudolphus, nāsō rubrō,
nāsō nītidissimō,

Laura said...

Love snow days. Of course, you could branch out to different carols. There is the Bob and Doug MacKenzie version of "12 Days of Christmas." The "All I Need for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey (and of Love Actually fame), and of course "The Hannukah Song" by Adam Sandler, both version 1 and 2. OOH! And the Chipmunks "Christmas, Christmas, Time is Here!"

See! So many good options. And I bet they would be even BETTER in Latin!