Thursday, December 21, 2006

T Minus a Day and A Half and Counting

Image Hosted by I'm not setting foot in a shopping mall, strip mall, grocery store, drug store, nothin' after tomorrow night. Now way. No how. Nuh UH! My poor, yet wonderfully caring and selfless husband is free today, so he's out with my list. I have called him so many times now, adding to the list that I think he's finally turned off the cell phone. Really, I think he has. He's probably thinking, "It's the last time I volunteer to go do the shopping!" No, he's wonderful for that.

In addition to getting that off my list, SmallBoy and I got our haircut on Tuesday and decided to commit our great cuts to posterity. Once again, PC demonstrated his compassion and selflessness (LONG word!), and took many many pictures on multiple settings and lightings until SmallBoy and I were satisfied with our own appearances AND the ethereal light of the beautifully decorated tree AND the lighting in the room. Why PC didn't just give up on us, I'll never know - perhaps because he loves us. The kids and I decided that my fresh-from-the-salon do made me look very much like Jane Kaczmarek - or, as we call her, Mrs. Malcom's Mom (from Malcom in the Middle, also married to Bradley Whitford from The West Wing, and both very very AVID supporters of Cure Autism Now).

I still feel just plain bleh, but keep putting that aside for all of this Christmas-ing and regular madness. I think perhaps I might just allow myself to get sick on Jan. 2 when I have to go back to work, cuz I'll be damned if I going to spend MY Christmas break in bed with a fever. Nope.

Tonight we have OT and cub scouts - complete with Christmas festivities and our first time together with Former Scout Master and Son of Former Scout Master (joy oh joy...GR will be there to watch, too!) {insert evil cackle here}. Cookies, juice, screaming happy boys excited about winter break, parents with throbbing heads and empty wallets begging for some peace and quiet (and maybe a glass our their own "juice"). Perhaps I'll do that while I color my hair and then slide down into a hot steamy bath......ZZZZZZzzzzzz

Sorry, nodded of there. Speaking of baths, I've had some great fun taking pictures of Charley cat in the bathtub. She has this thing for licking the water out of the tub, even if the tub, itself, is dry, but the faucet still has a drip or two. We have a beautiful white claw foot tub. Chuck, as we affectionately call her, is a white & black cat. Took the pics in black & white. Pretty cool, huh? Can you see why we call her Charley? It was either that or we named her Adolf - and, well, I didn't think that would be such a good name, now, don'tcha know.

And while I'm on black and white photos, I'll add in this one me and my wittew goowah. It sure feels like I'm trying to write something other than Christmas or Asperger's or the chaos that is our schedule, doesn't it? M'ija and I had fun with this pic. Again, being the perfectionists that we are, we re-took this self-portrait several times. Unfortunately neither of us could agree upon one in which we BOTH looked good, so we settled on this one. I think it's cool, though, so I'm not complaining.

It's almost 3. Think I should do some work - especially since that's where I am? LOL. Have to have all of my year-end stuff wrapped up by tomorrow since I won't be here the week after. Just don't feel like working, though. Maybe I'll go read all of your blogs instead!


Laura said...

So I am out driving around to return things and buy fabric (as is my daily grind) and within 10 minutes the rain turned to slush turned to ice and snow. It looks lovely out, but is nasty to drive in. Why is it people forget how to drive in this?

Topic: Love your haircut. Your children are beautiful. Have a fab holiday! P.S. I got the Go-Go's greatest hits for my birthday - woot!

Moi ;) said...

Kitteee is beeeyoutifulll! LOL Are there any famous women with mustaches? :::::running::::::

BTW I like your haircut, too!

It's ok to write about stuff other than AS. I haven't felt like Christmas at all but I'm trying...probably because we'll be away over Xmas.

Oh yeah - We are going to be in your neck of the woods for like One Day this vacation! Last minute visit with Hub's sister on our way to see his uncle in Madison. Doesn't that figure? When we're in town for more than a day I will look you up!

Pseudo Supermum said...

Now, you're NOT to panic! (Why? Because it's infectious and you'll stress the rest of us.)

TAKE the vitamins - and echinacea, and zinc. Promise yourself that the day after Boxing Day is Your Own Time - and make sure the family knows it!

Tonight I intend to do nothing. Apart from go to the 24-hour supermarket at midnight. It's the only time it might be quiet enough.

Kristina said...

Amazing photos! Whee did you ever get such a husband....... Beyond a mere "great guy"!