Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Night Off - and KR's Coming to Town!

We, as a family, have nothing to do tonight. Yep. That's right. NOTHING to do. No basketball, softball, driver's ed (although I should take LargeBoy out), no OT, no scouts, no dinner engagements, no rehearsals, no conferences, no NOTHIN'! I'm not quite sure what to do.

Dinner as a family sounds good, although we do try to make it a point to do that as much as possible. Sitting on our butts watching a movie sounds good, but then, what to watch - 2 movies? One that's SmallBoy appropriate until bedtime and then one that's more oriented for the rest of us after bedtime? Laundry? Cleaning? Holiday Shopping? I'm at a loss. Does anyone have any suggestions?

On another note, my littlest Sister is coming to town! I haven't seen her since the summer, and this time, we get to kidnap her for an overnight. She lives with her mom in Kentucky, so we don't get to see her as much as we'd like, but try desperately to see her as much as we can when she's in town. Given our crazy schedule, that's next to impossible. As it turns out, however, I took the week off between Christmas and New Year's to relax with the kids, go to some of Girl's basketball tournament games and to, perhaps, steal my sister. Mission accomplished! I've only got her one night, but that's better than just a few hours.

Last time KR was here, it was blistering hot outside and we taught her SmallBoy's game of Hose Limbo. Hopefully the weather won't be too much in the opposite extreme and we'll be able to take her to the sled hill down the street from our house. Perhaps we can find a new variation of limbo. I'd also like to get down to the park in the city and go skating. I haven't been skating in YEARS. KR - bring your skates! I'll let you drive! I'm certain there are a great deal of things that we can do when she's in town. I am just happy that I'll get to have her all to myself for a while - ok, well, I'll have to share her with PC and my kids, but still....I am looking SO forward to having her here! I miss her terribly.

SmallBoy's been having an ok time at school lately. The communication notebook has proven a very effective tool. Tomorrow afternoon, PC and I will be going to school to present "the book" to the other 4th grade class. After the wonderful response we got from SmallBoy's class, the other teacher asked if we'd come to her class, too!

Remind me to blog about that scouting trip. It's been on my mind, and then I forget because something else comes up.

If you haven't yet, scroll down to yesterday's posts. Yesterday was my day to check out everyone else's blogs and share their funnies & wisdom with you! Maybe in my "free" time tonight, I'll manage to get the scout trip blog posted. Enjoy your day!

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KR said...

Sledding? ICE SCATING!?!?! Oh, could we pleeeeeeeeease?!?! I WILL drive, I promise! That would MAKE my Christmas! I'm so excited about spending time with you guys. I've got girlie things to catch you up on and secrets to dish! Oh, how I'm awaiting Christmas! It's going to be one of the best EVER! I lovvvvvvvve you :)