Monday, June 06, 2005

Just a Quickie

I hope you all had nice weekends and, that those of you in my neck of the woods survived the lovely weather to grace our area.

Not much time to write this afternoon, as I'm bolting out of work in 10 minutes in order to make it home in time to change out of my work clothes into something suitable for my son's graduation, and then to make myself somewhat presentable. You know, wash face, do make up - again, fix hair - again (only mine will take some serious fixing today, I let it air dry and it's TOTALLY curly and I hate it). LargeBoy graduates from 8th grade at 7:00 tonight. Of course he has to be there by 6:30 and Girl has to be there to play with the orchestra by 6:45...which means minimal time for Mom to get ready.

Hopefully LargeBoy managed to find his Dockers and a nice shirt and tie to wear under his cap & gown. First we had the arguement about why in the world could he not just wear jeans - "It's a cap and gown, mom! No one can see underneath!" Um hmm...riiiiiiight, especially where the gown ends at the calf...nope, no one can see. Then we had the arguement about why he had to be there so early. Hmmm, let's see, because the rest of the graduating class has to be there that early and, therfore, so must he! Apparently, that logic didn't make sense to him, but oh well.

I'm leaving now so I can go do all of those fun things to "get cute" again and maybe sneak in a glass of wine before I leave. I musn't forget the kleenex, though. I WILL cry.

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