Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What's Up?

Wow! I don't think I've ever gone this long without writing. I've been busy, to say the least. Last Wednesday I came home from work to find out that there was a murder a block from my house...THAT was scary. There is still no motive, but there is a "person of interest", finally. I still get a little creeped out, especially when PC is working nights, but at least now I'm not looking at every single person walking or riding around my area.

That was Wednesday. Thursday was one of SmallBoy's last baseball games. The series was a best-of-three series and they lost the first game, leaving us yearning for Friday night's game. Friday night, his team came in 2nd place for the south side of our Village. It was a terribly exciting game that lasted nine innings which, in t-ball, is three extra innings. SmallBoy scored one of the initial tying runs, so that gave him a sense of accomplishment. They got trophies, too, so he was a happy camper. After that I, that's not quite the right word....drove like a maniac to get to my sister's wedding shower and then off to visit PC at work with ET & SIL, Chica & MG. We had fun.

Saturday we slept in. Oh yes, we slept until about 10!!!! THAT was sooooooooo awesome! I had a wedding to sing at in the afternoon, so I was beginning to feel a hair guilty about sleeping so long and wasting part of my day. And then the over-tired, underpaid, and overworked part of me kicked in and gave me a good swift one right in the ass. DUH! So we ran around and found PC's cousin and girlfriend's new apartment, said hi, went grocery shopping and came home to get cute...ok, well, somewhat cute. Sang the wedding, made a quick bit o'change in a sweltering hot church, went home, cleaned some more and proceeded to have the most phenomenal cheeseburger I've ever tasted in my life. I can't give you the recipe, though. ET was cooking and a) I've no clue what he put into these burgers and b)I'd be in huge trouble for giving away his secrets.

Sunday, PC and I went to the ball game. Mind you, this was not any old ball game, but PC's precious Cubs against my Incredible White Sox. The best part was that PC had to come to the south side and come to Comiskey Park (oops, US Cellular - maybe that's why they wouldn't let me sing this year...) to watch the game. The game was great, the Sox lost, sadly, in a game of 98% defense by both teams. PC gloated all the way home. He slept in the, just kidding. We had a ball!

PC worked Monday, so the kids and I ran around after work and did "stuff". SmallBoy and I took the car through the carwash and almost melted - my a/c desperately needs to be recharged. Last night PC and I went to Ravinia to see the Beach Boys. This was PC's birthday gift. He's a HUGE Beach Boys fan. Man, did we have fun fun fun! We drove up there and did pretty well on time and traffic. We parked what seemed to be only a mile or two away and took the shuttle to the concert. Much wine was consumed, large amounts of dancing was done, and we even made it close enough to the pavillion seats that we could SEE the Beach Boys. We couldn't believe that Mike Love still has all those high notes! After the concert we all herded out of the park like cattles to the pasture. The line to get back on the bus was ridiculously long, we're talking 2hrs of standing and doing nothing. We decided to walk back- it was only a mile or two, right? HA! We walked for over an hour, had to have been at least 5 miles. There was a distinct advantage to walking, however, as we were able to make a couple of pit-stops along the way which were very condusive to emptying this peanut sized bladder. We finally made it, though. What an ENORMOUS relief! Then off to the bar where PC works to sneak in a couple of karaoke songs before the night ended.

We got to bed around 2 and I was up and at work by 7:30. PC is picking me up for a nice romantic lunch of buying a new village sticker for my car before tomorrow's deadline. Terribly exciting, isn't it? I think tonight I'll be going to bed terribly early!

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