Wednesday, June 15, 2005

SmallBoy and the Princess

My niece is coming to see a baseball game with me and all of our town for our annual Little League outting. My niece, the Princess, is 6 going on 25. She is adorable, precocious, loquacious, fun, and makes bad jokes just as much as her father, ET, and her uncle PC.

Princess is SmallBoy's counterpart. She is his balance and is able to "work" with him (=play) in a way that we, as adults, cannot. She got him to come out on the front porch one afternoon and watch a hail storm when he was insistent that he would get hit by the hail and be hurt if he had. Without even being at our house, she is able to get him to brush his teeth better; because we want to make sure that SmallBoy's smile is as bright and shiny as Princess's.
So tonight I am terribly excited that she will be coming along to the game with us. We are taking public transportation which is only a block from my house. SmallBoy can tell you every stop from here to our exit and where we transfer to the next train. Princess will talk your ear off and keep you entertained, as well as everyone else on the train, until you reach your destination. They are going to be so much fun! I can just see them going through the showers at the ball park....we will be at Comiskey (I REFUSE to call it US Cellular Field, for Pete's sake!), and they have a shower kind of like the flashdance shower, just off the left field bleachers. The kids run through it every year, regardless of the temp. As in years past, and even after the heat wave we've had the last 2 weeks, we will be at 55 degrees tonight. BRRRRRrrrrr. I can guarantee the kids will be in the shower...Princess dragging SmallBoy by the hand over his protests, yet he'll be the one dragging her back for "Again! Again, Again!"

This is going to be a blast! I wish I were singing tonight. Stupid people telling me I've done it too many times before - only 3 - sheesh! Now they're paying people to sing. Hell! I sing for FREE! Just for the exposure. Ok, I'm done with that rant. I plan on thoroughly enjoying myself and the children this evening!


Julie said...

Princess sounds like a great little girl! I hope you all had fun...

Pat said...

We were wondering why they had those little kids singing last night instead of you!

mommyguilt said...

Julie - Oh we had a blast! If I manage to download the pictures, I may post one - edited, of course.

Pat - At least it was a little kids' choir. They were soft, but I think they did very well, considering the reverb. I'm curious, though, if they are now PAYING their singers, how much their church received as a "donation". But they did very well. It could have been worse, it could have been Roseann!!!