Thursday, February 16, 2006


I've had this post in my head for over a week now. The inspiration came from Girl's a study guide for Girl's Social Studies test on the Revolutionary War. These particular questions struck me as VERY interesting considering our current state of affairs (state of W's Union....AAARRRRGGGGHHH)br>
25. According to the Declaration of Independence, how do people protect their basic rights?
The government

26. According to the Declaration of Independence, where does government get its power?
The people

27. According to the Declaration of Independence, what must people do if the government takes away the rights of the people?
Overthrow the government

28. In the Declaration of Independence, what were the 3 sets of wrongdoings attributed to Britain and the Parliament?
1. unjust acts from the king
2. unjust acts from parliament
3. warlike acts by the king

I just thought this very interesting. Are you seeing anything? Any similarities? Hmmmmmmmm.................


Anonymous said...

OK, I get it...yes....MANY similarities....and I VOTED for him. But is a different world....but, don't ever stop fighting for individual rights.....if we get bombed....we have voted to be kind to the bombers....and I am not being sarcastic...I mean some point we need trust. Let's get back to the original al..... You rule, Baby!!!!!!

Felicity said...

Time for a coup by the We the People.

We have voted to be kind to the bombers? I don't want to start an argument but when speaking about politics, what folks seem to forget is that there are many choices. The choice is not neccessarily between BLACK and WHITE. No, let's not be kind to the bombers, but let's (the gov't) not LIE about our agenda, either!

mommyguilt said...

Absolutely. I think, though, that what Anon. was saying was that in our hope that the 2nd term would improve, that We The People voted for the moron who decided to be kind to the bombers. I did NOT vote for him (like that's a big surprise). I'm just hoping that we don't have a Bush triad come 2008 - don't forget about Jeb....eeeeuuuww I can feel my skin crawl

Laura said...

I don't want Jeb either, but I also don't want Hillary. Just can't stand her for some reason. Partial to Obama, though.

Nice to see you back! Thought maybe you were trapped under something heavy and couldn't get to the computer.

Incidentally, I tagged you at the blog. Heh.

mommyguilt said...

L - I'll be by. Been unbelievably busy lately. I'd love to see Obama run, but I don't think he'll run til at least '12. Gotta think about '08..who is the lesser of two evils? Jeb or Hil....again, I shiver at the thought.

kyra said...

YES! toss the b'stard out!! impeach bush!!! i need a t-shirt with that on it.

Kristina Chew said...

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"---Jefferson says mankind but I read Everybody.

Let freedom ring!

KCsMom said...

No Hillary, No Jeb. The thought of Jeb Bush makes me want to hurl.