Friday, February 03, 2006


Hi everyone, and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!! (THANK GOD!)

I've been very lax in writing this week, but for good reason. Obviously, I've been stewing over the crap that Ex is pulling. I've talked to the School District, the asst. principal, and SmallBoy's teacher, still awaiting a call from the principal. All have confirmed that there is no reason whatsoever for SmallBoy to be yanked and put into the public schools for services, for which he is not academically eligible (which is means he's doing great...we all know THAT, duh). Now I'm just waiting to fire back. He called and left me a message on Wed saying that he was willing to "sit down and talk"; that he would tell me what he thinks and then I could tell him what I think. Hmmmmmmm.....I know that tactic. It just means that he talks first, interrupts when I talk and doesn't hear a thing, nor care about what I say. BUT, I've got the facts. Even if he choses to not believe me and go to mediation on this, even a mediator will throw his ass out telling him he's ridiculous. As for what he plans to do about his weekends with the kids, I'm fully prepared to get locked into a custody battle if necessary. My dearest friend, PM, who also is in post-divorce-stupid-ex land, informed me that 14 is the age when the kids' opinions and wants actually hold some weight in court. Well, LargeBoy is 15 and Girl is an extremely mature 13. Any guesses as to how Ex will fare in THAT arena?

My other stewing point this week, about which I've been dying to write, but have just been way too pissed, is Justice Alito - God, I cringed as I typed that. I'm still stewing, still can't write about it too coherently. Moi ;) & Roni wrote very well, though. I highly recommend stopping in and reading them if you haven't already. I can't get an exact link to Roni's, but scroll to her post entitled, "Resistance is Not Failure". Read, agree or disagree, comment, shake your head in disgust or in agreement...however you choose, but I'm still to upset to vent properly yet. I do worry greatly about our future, not just women's rights, but of the now very swayed, supposed to be unbiased, Bench that sits in judgment, and what things will be changed, modified, or never even given half a chance.

Well, it's 8:00 in the morning, I have to actually do some work today, but then is the big gig tonight for the band. Hopefully I'll remember my camera and will hand it off to those I trust to take pics - then hopefully I'll remember to load them and post for you. Happy Friday all!


Laura said...

Rock and Roll, baby!


pm said...

Okay girlfriend, let's talk turkey. The real issue here is money and not what's best for smallboy. We know he resents the money that he pays to support his first three children. In his mind, he's giving it to you. He cannot rationalize that it's for the support of his 3 children, not you.

So, not only is he giving you money, he has to pay for half the tuition. So, now he's really pissed. He looks at the picture as having to pay another 1 1/2 years for girl and another 4 1/2 years for small boy. Now, let's not forget that step-sis is also at this school. Lots of cash leaving that household for the school. We both know that the public school is not about what's best for small boy, the public school is what's best for Ex.

Here's another interesting is not the fault of the original three miracles that daddy dearest chose to have a fourth miracle. Their support cannot be decreased, if anything, based upon his increased (raises)salary since it's been a couple years, it can go up. So, don't shy away from the battle due to money or fear that it can be decreased.

Here's another interesting tidbit...remember how you have groused because you have had to remain in your neighborhood. Remember how Ex was sure to include it in the divorce decree? Well, it's about to work in your favor, sister. The children must remain in their nighborhood; hence, they must remain in their school. He protected them as he should have, but it will now work against him. The courts will tell you that it is not the fault of the children that you were unable to make your marriage work; and, therefore their lives are to be disturbed as little as possible. Interesting, huh? Glad my $50K divorce can help someone not to mention my other half's nightmare of an Ex.

I wouldn't sit and talk with him, at least not without PC. He's more likely to mind his Ps and Qs if your pit bull is with you. Ex will think twice about demeaning you and screaming at you and swearing at you with PC in the room. There's no shame is stacking the deck.

If you end up in mediation, bring one of his pyschologist with to interpret Aspergers. By the way, it was our experience that Mediation was a waste of cash.

Feel free to call if my deskside lawerying can be of further use.

Rock tonight. Hugs to all.

kyra said...

hope all went well with the band last night!! and I SO AGREE ABOUT ALITO. i'm discouraged and worried and sick over it. ugh. good luck with the Ex. you are a wonderfully powerful advocate for your child.