Monday, August 28, 2006

Don't Worry, There's More Coming...

...Just not right this second. Sorry. I had planned this weekend to post some more of the story of our trip to MI with SmallBoy (see Home, part I, Home, part II, and Home, part III to come up to speed). Really. The powers that be, however, did a bit of rescheduling on me. First we had the water heater fiasco which finally got resolved on Saturday afternoon, Sat. all day was my block party - which PC and I organized, thus playing party hosts all day (yes, the water heater was delivered DURING the party. Sunday I had to drag myself out of bed to go sing at 9:00 mass, then Girl had softball tryouts for next summer, get cute, and then the band played to close out the summer concert series sponsored by our park district. I'm pooped! Show went very well and Girl and SmallBoy got to see it, so it was cool! So, anyway, I didn't get any writing done. Keep checking back, though, I promise I'll get it posted soon - REALLLLLLLY slow at work this week. Here are a couple pics from yesterday's gig..SmallBoy & Princess got the rockstar treatment...they got to introduce the band and then, during a song on which I just sing back ups, I brought them on stage to dance!

Oh, and here are a couple fun ones, including my handsome man singing the song he wrote - which you can hear on our myspace site (soon to be updated with the live one from yesterday - it's even better than the one already playing there!)

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