Monday, August 07, 2006

Now That the Temp has Dropped... had become a bit more bearable. The house has finally cooled down, and it's expected to hit a low of 60 tonight! THANK GOD! Nothing else has melted, thankfully, and our level of patience has finally reached a plateau. I really thought we were all going to bite each others' heads off last week. The band played on Friday night and, by the time we finally got back on the road (it was after 3am - UGH), the cars were COLD & condensed. We had to put on the defrost and the heat!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of the cold, as a matter of fact, I hate it, but after a week of 100+ temps, it was a welcome relief. Tomorrow SmallBoy goes back to OT again, and we'll be talking to J about the different ways that we had to deal with the heat and how all that we did, as a family, to deal with it, ultimately impacted SmallBoy. Moving to the a/c was definitely a wise move for his health, the heavy air was not helping his asthma at all. I expected, though, that not being in his own house or bed, that he would be thrown a bit. Nope. He did just great. He did better than I did, actually.

Tonight we finished phase 2 of 4 for reoranizing SmallBoy's bedroom. Yesterday was the big clean up - which took quite a bit of bribing, supervising, and just plain sucking it up and doing some of it myself. Tonight, he was so excited about the rearranging, that he was on us as soon as we walked in the door from work. We explained to him that we were just as excited, but that we had just arrived home and had some things to do. We worked with him on being patient, and then had him walk door-to-door on the block with us delivering flyers for our block party. Tomorrow night we have OT again, and then PC and LargeBoy are going to be bringing in the (2nd) dresser for SmallBoy - it's been in the garage for over a year. All we'll need to do then is to get his throw rug de-dogged and de-dusted, and the room will be mostly complete. Ultimately, we'll repaint, but that will be for another time - y'all know what my history is with getting things painted...tee hee....

We're starting to get back into the swing of school now and ever so slowly working back into our old routines. The first was to make sure that everyone was home for dinner on Sunday. It's rare that we're all here for dinner anymore, with LargeBoy hanging out with his friends, Girl & her friends and her sports, it's usually just SmallBoy, PC, and me. But this, for the most part gets reconciled during the school year - at least on Sundays. Oh, and speaking of school...we pick up our school supplies on Thursday. The Boy Scouts do this project every year where they order, in bulk, the exact supplies the school asks for and then packages them up by grade for each family that has ordered them. Last year I didn't get my order in on time and had to face the throngs of people running around like crazy to get exactly the right kind of permanent black marker (can't be a Sharpie). I will NEVER do that again. I will pay ANY price to never ever have to go into the store to buy school supplies again.

My dearest darling Girl made a picture/video show for PC & me of the new song that the band is performing, Blue Star Highway - written, of course, by my PC. Right now it's only on a program that we have on our computer, so only we can see it, but we're trying to upload it to something or other, myspace, youtube, whatEVER, so you can watch it. It's full of band photos, but she personalized it so that it's more focused on us. She starts the video with text that you, the viewer, have to sing out loud to the Brady Bunch theme, about me, the kids, and PC joining our band and our family. Then it breaks into the pictures and the song. She has pics of the band, primarily the two of us, beach pictures at our wonderful "home, HOME," in Michigan, guitars, Princess (she's just as adored by us as our own child would be), our favorite pizza joint, more beach, the soda bar, and then she ends it with hilarious credits. I promise you that as soon as it's available I'll give you a link. I can't wait for you to see it. Of course,if you have Windows Movie Maker on your computer I might be able to fwd it to you.

Ok, I really must go fold some laundry last night. I crashed out on laundry last night and my dear husband managed to get me into bed without me knowing it...ok, I was in bed, but still in my play clothes and on top of the covers...but you get the point. Meem, Phil, Princess, welcome back. I can't wait for you to see the video!

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Anonymous said...

Loved catching up on your blogisms!!!! Good to be back, and SO glad you could cool off here. I can't get the video!!!!! HELP!! I am computer illiterate... I will keep trying to figure it out.
I keep hearing over and over and over from people in Michigan who heard Code West, how awesome you were!! Meem