Thursday, August 17, 2006


There's still time for summer reading and THIS is one you MUST read. You don't have to be a Lab owner to love this book, just a dog lover (although, I think those who've owned yellow labs might appreciate it JUST a hair more) to enjoy John Grogan's "Marley & Me". My MIL was reading this and tuned to me and said, "MG, you have to read this book, it IS E-Dog." I just finished...5 minutes ago.

From the preface, I was hooked and in every spare moment, even the ones I had set aside and deemed as those only for learning the Em & C chords on the guitar, I read. I devoured this book. The purchase of the puppy, when the author and his wife finally get a peek at the father of the litter, I was in tears of laughter - almost falling out of my chair. The tears of compassion and love and sadness poured from my eyes when Marley sat with his mistress as she mourned a miscarriage. The obedience class from hell, the neighborhood incident, the trip to dog beach....I could tell you the whole story, but GET YOUR OWN COPY!

I really can't say enough...and I LOVE to's playful, it's loving, it's heartfelt, it's touching and if you have ever owned a dog, and definitely if you've ever owned a Yellow Lab, you MUST MUST MUST read this book! You can also visit the author's blog and read his posts, comment on the book, buy the book. I can't say it enough....MUST READ!!!!


Octoberbabies said...

I have this book! I haven't started to read it yet but I may start now!


Katie said...

I have heard this book is fabulous but have just never gotten around to reading it ! Can I borrow your copy?? huh huh???

Lora said...

Thanks for the recommendation I think that it might be a great read since we do have a dog, Griffin's service dog-Abby. Sounds like it would be very moving. Hope that you are well and having a great summer.