Thursday, August 17, 2006

SmallBoy's Turn!

When the kids returned home from Ex's house on Sunday, he told them that he might have a surprise for them this Friday (tomorrow). He NEVER mentioned anything to me, though. We had thought about sneaking off to Michigan one last time before school, as a family, until the kids confirmed with Ex that they, indeed, had a surprise in store for tomorrow (he's taking them to a pre-season Chicago Bears game). Ok, no prob, we'll find another time to go up as a family. Then, the shoe dropped (why was I surprised?) - even though he has 4 season tickets, he's only taking 2 of the kids - gee, can you guess which 2?

And so the plotting began: Get Ex to keep LargeBoy and Girl Friday night, work out a way to get Friday off work, leave at the crack of dawn on Friday - trusting LargeBoy & Girl not to trash the house before they left, bribing them to come home and take care of the pets at regular intervals (they'll only be 4 blocks away), and we will be set! Perfectly, everything fell into place, even getting work off for tomorrow (hell, it's not even noon, and I have today's and tomorrow's work done). When things go THAT well, I worry. Yep. Guess what? It's supposed to rain. According to the, though, it's supposed to only be a 30% chance for a "few showers" on Friday, and mostly sunny with scattered storms on Sat. Sunny, of course for Sunday, because we have to leave on Saturday night (I have to sing 2masses on Sunday, so I have to be home).

Never fear, the brilliant PC has plans! He's been in that beautiful Michigan playground for so many years, that he can find lots of things to do if it rains. So we can't really take in some sun and sand at the beach in the rain - who cares! We can fish off the pier, we can go into town - either town, for that matter, we can walk barefoot through the park, we can hang out, we can not be HERE!!!!!!!! (and truly, that's the best part!) Finally, SmallBoy gets his turn alone in the special place that we like to call Home - without his brother and sister, since they each got their own alone time there! He was ecstatic when PC told him!

Hopefully my camera is still there from when PC took Girl and S up last time, and hopefully I can convince my laptop mouse that it wants to work (it's rebelling and the mouse-mouse that I have as an alternate, well, it hates me and won't go left), and I can get some pics posted up for you next week! If I don't talk to you til then, have a wonderful weekend! I will!


gretchen said...

Yay- have a super-fun time!! I'm sure that Smallboy will have fun, but I'm sorry his dad has to be such a jerk. It's really unfair to all the kids. Lucky he has you guys- looking forward to some pictures!

Ian Parker said...

Hi Mommy Guilt,

I read this a couple of days ago:

"Since the Asperger’s diagnosis, his father has stopped taking SmallBoy for visitation, but continues taking his brother and sister. This has only been happening since we received the diagnosis. You can imagine what this does to SmallBoy."

I'd really like to say something about his Dad but I'm worried SmallBoy might read it. At least it sounds like he has a great Mom and Stepdad. Have a great weekend!

mommyguilt said...

Thanks again, Ian. My older children are finally starting to see the light on their father's asshole-ness (is that a word?). Girl's theory is that Ex cannot deal with the fact the he made something less than perfect - part of that being his ego, and part of that coming from the realization that with Asperger's, if there is a genetic factor involved, it tends to come down through the father - and oh yes, now that I know what I'm looking at, Ex exhibits TONS of behaviors indicating that he, too, is affected by Asperger's.