Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Welcome to August in Chicago

It's HOT. It's 100 today with an index of 110. We have no air conditioning at home. We have window units, but my house isn't made for circulation. It's awful (not to mention expensive). My OCFs are melting (and I think my dog is molting).

We're staying at my in-laws' house this week while they're in Michigan (sitting on the beach...I'm SO jealous). Tonight we're going to OT, so PC and the kids will pick me up from work, we'll run home, grab another change of clothes, check on our critters, go to OT where it's SOOOOOO cold (that's the a/c unit at OT - see how PC & Largeboy have decorated it?). Then off to dinner with mom in a nice air conditioned restaurant, then back to Meem & Phil's and the massive a/c! How are YOU surviving the heat????? Lora, how is it in Alaska? Got room for 5 more?


Moi ;) said...

It's the same here. Ugh. Do you have the haze like we do?

I posted a new picture of that flower. See how it's grown....OMG....you won't believe it. I have NO clue as to what it is!!!

KR said...

Ergh, heat index hitting 115 here. Not pleasant. Spending time in the house with the a/c and occasionally at the lake. Yesterday, I decided to sun bathe in the backyard but was covered in sweat within 15 minutes. Gross. Michigan sounds wonderful...kinda like those blueberry cookies I was promised...hrmm... :-P love you all!

standing still for once said...

We arrived home, and a few hours later it began to rain. MechanicalMan said this morning that he thought the rainguage said 4 inches. This is a very good thing, as it has been very dry here this summer. Rainy days are perfect for sorting through pounds of accumulated mail, doing laundry, going to the grocery, and vacuuming the house ... which was supposed to be done before vacation. I love the photo! Your boys are the cutest! Love to everyone!!! p.s. Read about the Chicago heat in this morning's NYTimes!

mommyguilt said...

Marti can you send some of that rain this way? They swear it's supposed to rain this afternoon - "scattered severe thunderstorms" is what they're claiming, but it's so hot here, that I think it'll just dry up before it hits the ground!

Glad you guys are home safe & sound! Stashin' the cash for reunion #2!