Sunday, August 20, 2006

Home from HOME

Sorry, no pics for you, my camera is still on the lam...I think it might be in S's bag, but she's in MN right now. We searched the cottage high and low and nada. Oh well. We made sure to take copious notes so that we could help you visualize (while I verbalize - how's about that one KH? heh heh heh). I really really want to tell you all about it now, but I MUST organize my thoughts and I have to be back at church for round two of singing in a couple hours, so I can't write now...but let me leave you with this...we had a great time, SmallBoy did have a major meltdown about no one liking him (EX) which we worked him through, but it broke my heart. Things are gonna change. OH...and on the way home, we found a gas station/truck stop where we bought gas for - get this $2.80/gal!!!!! Ok, I'm off! If you haven't picked up Marley & Me, get it! KH - the line has officially formed, you can have it after PC & EK, Girl wants to read it too, but she's got a LOT of reading to do!

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