Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Come Hither Chicago Democrats in My Age Bracket

Go to Roni's blog and get all the info! Christine Cegelis is running for Congress and is someone we'd love to see represent US- what WE want...someone who knows what our generation needs. She's looking out for rising tuition costs, cost - effective health care, and watching our backs in the employment world. There is a fundraiser at John Barleycorn (in Wrigleyville) this Fri. Dec 9. Go to Roni's to get the details.

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Laura said...

I was kind of miffed there for a second - your site told me I was "not allowed to view this page." I thought maybe I was being excluded. But then I realized it was all part of the evil Microsoft plan, and I restarted Explorer, and lo and behold it worked. Whew. I feel so much better now. What was the topic about? ;)