Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I have now thrown the rest of the week into total chaos simply by thinking that our Christmas with my Dad and KR was tomorrow. UGH! Panic Shopped last night and got everything done, but I'm not pleased with anything that I bought, except what I got for my Chica, because there wasn't much time to put any thought into gifts (well, there WAS, I just procrastinated too long).

Originally, LargeBoy was going to have to miss the fun due to a reunion of all of his 8th grade classmates. After they graduated, they all went their separate ways to different high schools. A couple families got together and organized a "reunion" for them over break. Cool, huh? That is tomorrow night. Ok, I thought, no biggie. He won't be heartbroken if he misses Christmas as long as he gets his presents (sounds totally greedy, doesn't it), but that was scheduled before our evening was.

NOW, that this shindig is tonight, Girl is going to miss it - she has a babysitting job from 6 - 8:30 or so. This wouldn't normally be a big deal, but Girl and KR haven't seen each other since the end of July when KR was last in town. I'm hoping that maybe I can convince Dad to let KR stay over Thursday night....think so, Dad?????? I think it would be fun!

Wait, the confusion gets better. Thinking that our get together was Thursday night, I scheduled our rehearsal with the band for tonight, as it was our "only free night" this week. HA! So NOW, it's rush rush home from work, hurry up and clean the house, freshen up, order food, cuz party's at 6 and rehearsal is at 8:30! YIKES. And rehearsal is a MUST! (btw, that's PC in the orange shirt with the guitar).

Even with having Monday off, I feel like I haven't seen my kids this week hardly at all. Monday we ran around to the after-sales, cleaned the house, and vegged out. Yesterday was back to work and then rush rush panic shopping. Today, work, then, "hi kids, let's open presents," followed by, "Bye kids, mom & PC have to rush off to rehearsal." GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN!

Will my head stop spinning? I think next year, I will plan my vacation time around Christmas break. I would have this year, but for our anniversary present to each other, we bought tickets to see the Rolling Stones in January. Since the concert falls on a Wednesday, I used my vacation time to take the rest of that week off, so that we can sort of have a little retreat - even if it's just at home.

Now that I'm done complaining about the hectic schedule I leave, I want to take a serious moment. I know that I have asked you all to stop in and visit our friend Rebekah, the sweet little 4 y/o girl with cerebral palsy and a rare form of cancer in her face and neck. You've all been so wonderful with that. Her family posts every day to keep us abreast of what is happening and how her health is. The family's last post was on Monday when they were heading off to take Rebekah to the hospital and they haven't posted again since. I'm a bit troubled and worried. If you could stop in an offer your prayers or support, I'm certain the family would appreciate it. Thanks everyone. I'm going to get back to work now...oh wait, I'm done and it's only 9:30 - whatever shall I do until 5???


Lora said...

I think that you are the sweetest woman alive for many reasons but especially because you keep posting about Rebekah. I do hope that people are visiting the site from here and from mine as well to offer support for her and her family. Bless you Christina you are an awesome woman!

KR said...

I really wish we'd had more time together. Think we can convince Dad to let us have a couple of days over the summer? I know you have to work, but I can bum around your house, no biggie.... ;-P
Love you.