Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Rivalry of the Red Heads

Tonight, Girl has yet another basketball game. It's against one of her arch rivals. Thankfully, she is squadded for this game. She's terribly excited. We call it the battle of the Reds.

There is this tough little girl on the other team, and she and Girl have been known to get pretty physical on the floor. They're in 7th grade and have been playing since 4th, so they've had plenty of time to build up a "working relationship." This relationship usually involves one, or both, of them, leaving some skin on the floor, or an imprint of a body part in a cheek or rib. The best part is that she LOVES this. She doesn't mind at all the physical part of this. She's a rough and tumble kind of girl.

All this coming from a girl who, when she was two years old, could have passed as "Michelle" from "Full House". Thank GOD she hasn't grown up like Mary Kate and Ashley!

The snow has eased up. We didn't get nearly as much as they had predicted. As a matter of fact, there's hardly anything on the ground, the air temp has warmed up to 31, and we're looking at a rain/sleet mix (I'd rather have snow). Here's to hoping that my sweet little "Be-be goo-wah" (transl: Baby Girl) plays her BUTT off tonight.


So called "girl" said...

I have only been playing her since 5th grade thank u very much. And i dont have red hair anymore!!!! so fiddle me doo. was good.

mommyguilt said...

Thanks, dear. I stand corrected. And yes, there are enough red streaks in your hair to be considered red...I will concede the strawberry blonde, though. Glad you approved of the post. Btw..CORK IT!

Laura said...

I have been a redhead for many years. It sucks as a kid, but becomes an enjoyable thing as you get older. I wish I could participate in the RedHead Battle!

Felicity said...

I want to be in the redhead battle too...Uhm, hey. Me & Laura could do mud wrestling (think how SEXY that would be!) and we could sell tickets on eBay and MAKE A TON OF MONEY!
ps the letter verification I'm getting is crazy: iukphtmb??

mommyguilt said...

yeah, I'm waiting for it to actually make a real word one of these days!

Laura said...

Prior to the whole chronic illness thing, I could have totally kicked your butt mud wrestling. Now? I would simply go limp and let you win. Sad, but true. But think of what all that mud will do for your skin!