Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Spreading Infection

Irish infected me with this. I will do it and pass it on to YOU and you and YOU! The task is to give 10 random facts about yourself.

1.) I LOVE my espresso machine.
2). Country girl that I am, I actually own a Def Leppard album
3.) I used to like lima beans when I was a kid (how's that for random?).
4.) I have Reynaud's Syndrome in my index finger and my toes on my right side.
5.) I'm happy that my daughter is the bizzare combination of totally me and totally my polar opposite.
6.) My first recorded song was at the age of 2 or 4 or something (Mom?)...Paul Anka's "Breakin' Up Is Hard to Do". I can't remember if it was the slow version or not. It' s forever archived on an 8-track somewhere.
7.) I still haven't finished college.
9.) I am as old as Sesame Street.
10.) I want to learn to ride horses (and Harleys).

Oh, who to tag.....Sal, Kyra, Felicity, Tina, SullenBunny, Cheryl, Mrs. A, Amy, Roni, Kristina, Eileen, Laura, Marti, Lora, Moi;). Ladies, I know some of you have been tagged already by Irish, but this gives you even more incentive to post it!!!!!! AND...those of you I failed to include in the tag, please feel free to do this. ALL of you, let me know so I can come and see!!


Irish said...

Lima Beans huh? The only thing I've ever liked about those were the experiments we did with them for grade 5 science! LOL!

Oh! and to defend myself and my beloved Wiggles - Jeff is the only one not he'd be the one sided crush...and he's not that attractive. But I'm sure he's really nice...

Laura said...

Hmm... I will have to come up with something. Also, Reynaud's, huh? I get this as well, both hands and feet. AND just to trump that, I get hives from the cold! And I live in MN. Which kind of makes me sound like a complete idiot, but I dress warm. Really.

Lora said...

Okay, I'll do it, that would be fun, why not? I will do it on my next post.

Eileen said...

I did my 10 random things already.

Would love to hear you sing. Maybe one day while visiting my sister in Chicago I will have to hunt you down to come see your band. She moved to the Chicago area over two years now from the Dallas area and I have still not made the trip out to visit yet.

Juggling Mother said...

10 random things? i'm not good at 10 things, and I'm not good a t random,but I'll get on to it:-)

Harleys are easy to ride - as long as you don't want to go round any corners *grin*

Oh, and Irish - I'll have to go see your blog to find out what you're talking about, but if Jeff is unmarried I'll take him! I don't care he's a bit short & wizzened - the wiggles are the highest earning Australians.

I mean, Kylie? Nicole Kidman? Russell Crowe? No, the wiggles. I want me some of that:-)

Cheryl said...

Just found this!
Grief, is there anything weird about me that I havent said already. Needs a think.