Friday, December 09, 2005

Snow...yep, Just Snow

If you live anywhere in the midwest, then you're likely to see that sight when you look out your window today. It started here at about 2:30 yesterday and stopped somewhere after midnight. They estimated that in some places, the snow was falling at a rate of 1inch/hour.

Girl had two basketball games yesterday and I had to go cantor mass last night for Immaculate Conception (why do holy days always fall on days with bad weather????). Girl's first game was at 5:30 in the town immediately south of mine - so close that I cross one major road from my house and I'm in that town. My plan was to leave work at 4:30 - like I always do, stop at Curves for a quick workout, done by 5:15, and head over to Girl's game and be there before the 5:30 tipoff. The drive from my office to workout takes me all of 2 minutes. Not last night.

I left work at 4:30, but by the time I had made that, normally, 2 minute drive, it had been 20 minutes. There was no way that I could stop, workout, and get to Girl's game on time...and since I could only see the first of the two games, since I had to leave to go to mass, it was more important that I get to the game than it was to work out. I pass on by the work out and finally get to her game at 5:20 (normally a 10min drive). PC met me there and for most of the time, we were the only parents there, besides the coaches. Well, as it turned out, the girls won by forfeit, because the other team couldn't get there through the snow. They ended up splitting the squad and playing a scrimmage game - in which Girl had another beautiful SWOOOOOSH!

I left at 6:30 so that I could get to church on time (normally a 3minute drive). Managed to get there AND park in time. There was only a smattering of people at mass - a combination of all of the dedicated Catholics and those who live within walking distance. It was a nice mass. I got to sing a song I learned in 3rd grade on the "flutophone" (similar to a recorder, only much more annoying).

When I got home, SmallBoy was playing games and LargeBoy was watching a movie. I called inside and had LargeBoy come out and help me with the shovelling as PC & Girl were still at her game (an All-Star game, nonetheless - and I missed it cuz with all the snow, I couldn't get there in time :-(((( ). Still in my work clothes & shoes (lost my boots somewhere), LargeBoy and I stayed out in the snow shovelling and salting until we knew that there was a way in and out of the garage and in and out of the house.

With all of the snow, we were all certain that there would be a snow day today - at least for the kids - my office only closes if there's over 2 feet of snow. No such luck. Kids had school and we were open. Now, all of our companies other midwest locations were closed except ours and the only other Illinois location in a northern suburb. GO FIGURE!!!! One center closed because they had 5 inches of snow. Our Regional headquarters called this morning SHOCKED that we were here. (Our boss was off today, and therefore, we should be open - explain that please, someone?)

. I have enough hours in for the week that I only really have to work for 2more. If I can finish up and get out of here, I'm going to see if I can snag PC and go hit the sled hill!!!

Oh, btw...Girl's All-Star game, from what I heard, was awesome. She did great and her team whomped the other team. She was so happy when she came home with her trophy!!!!!!


Roni said...

Is she jazzed about the WNBA coming to town? I'm going to catch a few games and would love company.

mommyguilt said...

THAT would be too fun! Are you headed to Barleycorn tonight? We were going to try and make it, but plans got changed on us :{

Roni said...


As for's going to be a last minute decision. I plan on going and making an appearance. But I have 3 things going tonight. Plus Ella. Wish me luck!

mommyguilt said...

Girl, I need your email!!! Mine's on my profile. Send yours to me me me me.....

Kristina Chew said...

Snowday here! Then a quick melt when the sun came out--set Charlie "out of whack" till 3pm--after 4 days of school and structure, being home and running around must have felt weird. But we're smiling now.

Go, Girl!

Laura said...

No snow here in MN. Of course we got dumped on last week, so it all balances out cosmically. Glad Girl is rocking the basketball court!