Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekends Are Entirely Too Short

I'm back! Really, I am. Never went anywhere, just haven't had time to write. Schedules have been crazy, and in my free time (wait, I don't think I had any), I was sleeping.

Girl had a slumber party on Friday night. She really has some great friends. They're all goofs just like she is, no wonder they are all so close. Two particular things stick out in my memory from that: First, they all dressed up like just total I-don't-know-whats and put on Girl's Mix CD. They came out in the living room and danced for us - nothing special, routine, or choreographed...NO, just fun "dork dancing", as they called it. This went on for a couple of hours. We were rolling, wetting our pants, and wiping the tears off of each other's faces - they were hilarious! Now picture 8-10 girls, a giant tub of vanilla fudge swirl ice cream, and a relatively large kitchen table. Nope nope, I didn't say anything about bowls in this picture. The girls were just eating right out of the tub. Oh my God! It was SO funny...the girls just circling around the table, passing around this tub of ice cream. Girl said she didn't want to make any dishes by using bowls, but clearly, I think it was more fun to just do it this way.

SmallBoy desperately wanted this party to be HIS party, but he did pretty ok. The only time he really put up a fight was when it was time to go to bed. ANY child would put up a fight about going to bed when there is still a party going on downstairs.

Saturday was recovery day - sort of. The girls had a basketball game at noon. The girls that weren't playing went home, and we loaded the rest into the car and headed off to the game. Thank GOD the girls have to be there 30mins prior to game time - that left PC and I time to stop at the local convenience store and get some coffee - MUCH NEEDED. The game: Let's to describe word: UGLY! The school has taken to squading the girls now (another rant for another day), and our girls who had an incredible winning season last year, are now struggling to even get on the board. Because of this, the girls are playing twice as hard, not thinking as much when they're on the floor, because they're trying to do whatever they have to in order to win.

First L got hurt - elbow to the chest, which the refs refused to call intentional, then Girl took an elbow to the face - and I don't think there was a foul called on that either, but I think it just sort of happened, not foul-able, sadly. Next Little B got tripped and fell and cracked her head on the floor, thankfully, just a goose egg, no cuts, or concussions, then SS hurt her wrist, L got elbowed in the chest AGAIN...oh it was just sad. Looking at the bench in the middle of the fourth quarter, there were three girls sitting there with ice bags. Girl refused to ice until she had to - when she finally fouled out (she does that a lot this year).

After the game, I went upstairs to lay down with my snuggle pillow - something funky was going on with my stomach (hmm, all the extra food????). Apparently I crashed, cuz I woke up about 3hrs later with PC beside me and a dark sky. Much needed snooze, though, so that was a bonus.

My band played Saturday night. I hate to toot my own horn, but DAMN, did we rock. Hopefully we can get our demo finished FINALLY and get next year booked up. I'd like that a LOT! We tried a song in rehearsal on last week that KC and I had on our original list of songs we wanted to do...way back in 02 or 03 when she and I formed the band. It was never done for a variety of reasons. When we were flipping through a CD looking for a different song, we stumbled across that one, I said, "HEY! I want to do that!" We ran through it a NAILED it at rehearsal and then kicked some butt with it at the gig. That felt awesome.

Yesterday was kind of a blur. Girl and I had to sing at mass in the morning. Got home around 12:30 or so and made breakfast for my guys, Girl was still hanging out with SA - her bestest friend. LargeBoy's buddies showed up at about 2 and they headed over to the sled hill to board down the hill on a skateboard (minus the wheels - yeah, I know, not too smart, but they're teenage boys).

After that, Sunday was gone. Girl had basketball at 3, so she had to be there at 2:45. We dropped her off and ran to Target for Family Socks. (Cheryl's sockmonster has totally invaded my house and eaten ALL of our socks). Then, back to the gym to pick girl up at 3 from basketball (early, mind you) so that she could get to softball practice on time. Dropped her off at softball and went grocery shopping. Picked her up at 6, unloaded groceries, made some frozen pizzas and used the boys (still at my house) to bring in the Christmas tree from the garage.

The tree went up easily. It was the lights that gave us a hassle, but Girl & PC worked tirelessly to fix that problem. By 10, the tree was up and ready to be decorated (that's for tonight). Yeah, day over.

Back at work today...oh joy! How are YOU?


Laura said...

Gee between the choir concerts and the hockey practice, and the watching House re-runs, and being indignant on my blog, I haven't been nearly as busy as you this weekend. Do you guys write a lot of your own songs? If so, what genre are they mostly? Hey - can I be an official groupie? I've always wanted to be one.

mommyguilt said...

Yes, but the indignance was AWESOME!!!!!! As far as the band, we do have originals, but the band has not performed them. Personally, I think we should start working them in a little at a time. PC has a whole bunch up his sleeve....the best part is they can be country-fied, rock-ified, whatever we choose. And absolutely! You can TOTALLY be our groupie! I'll see if we can book a gig up by you...when it's warmer, it's almost worse than Chicago by you,right???????????

Tina said...

Hello Christina,
So happy to see your back! Missed ya a bunch:)

mommyguilt said...

Missed you too! I'm almost caught up again!!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You had a very very full weekend... My favorite part was The Ice Cream Tub & Spoons Picture!! Hilarious and wish I'd been there with an extra spoon!

Cheryl said...

Eh? What? All this bit of your blog wasnt here a moment ago.
Must be my christmas brain meltdown.
Thats nice that its out of the way (touch wood); just got to pray that the flu doesnt synchronise with Xmas day (again again).

Moi ;) said...

There you are!

Sounds like you guys had fun this weekend. I always wished I had a daughter, too, so I could have those goofball parties, lol.

Of course, posting about fun can get you accused of contributing "froth" like me. @@ (snicker)