Thursday, December 15, 2005

Let's Continue our "Phenomenal-ness"

Again, I can't say how much I appreciate your support for Griffin's mom. She was overjoyed to hear from all of you!

Last week I told you about an adorable little girl in Oregon with inoperable cancer to her face and neck, Rebekah, and many of you have visited her site. Her family has a site set up to collect donations to help with the mounting medical expenses. I know that we all have our own financial issues to deal with, AND it's the holidays. Wouldn't it be a wonderful holiday gift to Rebekah and her family if we all made a donation, big, small, whatever you can, to help out? I have learned that this group of people has extensive warmth and compassion. Stop on by HelpRebekah and make a donation. I know how appreciative WE would all be if we had people donating to help defray OUR costs, and theirs are SO MUCH greater than ours. Please, help out if you are able. Even if you can't, stop by her blog and lend Mom, Dad, Rebekah, and the rest of the family your ear.

Even better - spread the word. Add Rebekah's Page and Help Rebekah to YOUR blogroll, do a post, tell everyone. Let's get the word out to all of those people that we know have a huge soft spot in their hearts (just like all of you). Let's make it our goal for the new year to give as much exposure to Rebekah and her family as we can.


JodiTucker said...

Thank you for including my little cousin Rebekah on your blog. She is a precious soul who has touched so many people. Bless you!! Jodi Tucker from Akron, OH

mommyguilt said...

Jodi, it is my pleasure. That beautiful little girl, and family, are worth praying for and asking others to help also. I will continue to check in daily on Rebekah.

Lora said...

You are absolutely amazing Christina. You should get blogger of the century award for you outstanding kindness and consideration of your fellow humans, not just bloggers. I am sad tonight because Griffin just left to stay with his teacher (refer to post). I was wondering if you had a hug you could send me? Sure could use one.
Much love, Lora :(