Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Bit About Chelation

First and foremost: I am not asserting my opinion in this posting. Check out Moi's posting of a small article about the controversy surrounding the child who died as a result of his chelation. Truly, it doesn't matter on what side of this issue you sit. It explains that the result of the autopsy was that the doctor did, in fact, administer the wrong thing. It does not open the floor to discussion of whether or not chelation is the answer. It simply states the findings. Wherever you stand on this issue, pop over and take a look-see.


Pseudo Supermum said...

Visited you again just now - I love your writing style. Not quite sure what chelation is but it sure sounds worrying if they get it wrong!

Meant to be doing serious research-student stuff right now, so what did I do instead? A blog posting and a batch of home-baking. When will I ever learn?!

Melissa P. said...

I enjoy your web site.
I live in California with my two
autistic sons 9 and 11.
I have followed the chelation tx.
It would be so wonderful to have a cure for what our sons suffer from.
Mine have had ABA, living skills and behavior therapy since age 3.
We do a playgroup, I have one in a private school for autism. He is non verbal, it breaks my heart that he cannot talk. My 9 yr. old is higher function and can talk but has behavior issues.
I hope that someday there will be a cure for our children.
Keep writing!
Melissa-San Jose, CA.

mommyguilt said...

Thanks ladies for stopping in and commenting. Pseudo: Chelation, from what I understand, is a process that removes the mercury from the body. It has been highly (and hotly) debated. This child's unfortunate death served to fuel the fire.

Melissa - If you haven't already, I HIGHLY recommend you check out Sal's site at Her little girl is on the spectrum and was non verbal for the longest time and is now beginning to communicate much more effectively. It's been incredible to watch her progress. Pop in and see if she has any ideas or suggestions.