Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year, New Family

Wade - huge thanks to introducing me to this wonderful new blog, Art to Cure Autism. You're probably right, they will probably draw fire for the "C" word, but so what. They are doing what they can for their son. What a wonderful family. I'd like you all to stop by and meet Hal, Linda, Amber, and Beau. Beau is 10 yrs old and is on the spectrum. Hal is an artist and is using the funds from his artwork sales to help battle Beau's ever growing medical bills. Wherever YOU stand on autism and cures, be sure to stop by and greet this family. It's always a bit more comforting to know that even if you agree/disagree with the reasons for/cures for autism, that there is someone else, another family, more kindred spirits out there looking for an ear to bend, a shoulder to cry on, support, an opinion, or a laugh. Stop by. Hal, Linda, Amber, Beau: Welcome to the Family!


Wade Rankin said...

You're quite welcome, MommyG. Ya gotta love a family like that!

mommyguilt said...


Hal and Linda Betzold said...

Hey, thanks for welcoming us to the neighborhood! We are finding a whole world of kindred spirits out here in the bloggosphere. We love hearing about everyone's lives, kids, thoughts, struggles, and triumphs. Thanks again.