Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cuteness and Kittens

Ok, so they're not truly kittens anymore, but check these out:

I just couldn't resist this shot of Charley in the tree....she was just, well, so cute and totally framed. It was a kodak moment waiting for a camera.

This is just, well, self explanatory....Two sleepers....Ironically, neither cat nor husband moved when the camera flashed. I'm dangerous now that I've got this camera working. No one is safe.


Moi ;) said...

OMG that is a riot!!! Did Charley go up in the tree herself? Or does she as a rule? I am lucky, for the sake of the tree, Feak has never done that. But she loves to curl up underneath. It's like she's Jungle Feak or something.

Feak doesn't like to sleep on my pillow unless I am on it, too.... Sigh....

Kristina Chew said...

One of my favorite pictures I've ever took of my guys is of my husband a 2 day old Charlie in our bed---lying in exactly the same way and, despite one being blond and the other black-haired, looking most alike!

Post us an update on Girl! Thinking of her and Smallboy and all your family and you, holding it all together.

Lora said...

I am so glad that you got the camera. What great pictures especially of Charley, that's worthy of the being on a greeting card. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures.

Anonymous said...

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