Monday, January 02, 2006

Starting the New Year by Catching You Up

Hi everyone! Welcome to 2006! So far it's been great...relatively unhungover, kids had a blast and our anniversary was lovely. I had a request for photos from last night, but, alas, I have none. I did, however, manage to find a new download cable for my camera and emptied it out today. Since I have to work tomorrow, I figured I'd load you up with some of my favorites. Not all of these are from 05 - some go all the way back to 03. Here we go!!!!!

We'll start with LAST New Year's Eve. This photo is from our wedding, when PC and I are receiving our "lectures" from our guests. This began with FIL, as a joke, and continued on throught the dinner hour. In this picture, we're getting our "lecture" from Girl.

This photo is from Christmas 2003. It is me and my sisters. I am the oldest, and my youngest is a year and half older than LargeBoy. Talk about freaky. She lives in Kentucky with her mom and was in town last week for the holidays. Thankfully, I didn't mess up our schedules too terribly, so I was able to spend SOME time with her. Middle sis - fabulous Chica that she is, is 6 yrs younger than me. LOVE my sisters!!!!

Ahhhh, the Christmas program. This one was from two years ago when SmallBoy was in 1st grade. It was SO cute! None of them had any front teeth. How nature worked that out is beyond me, but DAMN, it was cute. SmallBoy would be the one in the red with the glowing eyes.

Large and SmallBoys, probably summer '04. Sadly, that hideous wallpaper still adorns my walls. The sofa cover doesn't exist, though. It was wonderful, but totally didn't go with the scary ass wallpaper! It is on my to-do list to take that down. The boys really look identical, despite what you see in the picture....with a 6yr and hair color difference.

This picture is a tradition in my family. Believe it or not, this large group is only a small portion of my family. Every year, we gather to walk along the shore of Lake Michigan for the Alzheimer's Association's Memory Walk. We always stop, no matter where everyone is in the process, and take a picture on the stairs leading up to Buckingham Fountain. This year, I think '03, there was a group of Asian tourists who volunteered to take the photograph for us so that no one had to be excluded.

Another tradition in my family is our annual cookie baking day in December. We gather and bake, decorate, and eat dough (yes, we're SO bad). This picture shows Girl painstakingly decorating Grandma Rosie Cookies....they're roll out cookies, sometimes mistaken for sugar cookies, only better. Girl would be the one in the blue...LOL.

Oh yes, one of the things I was discussing in the last post about feeling old. This would be LargeBoy immediately following the graduation ceremony. Out of grade school, on to high school....GOOD LORD! To think I have to do this again with girl next year!

Now that my camera is cleared out, I can start taking more current photos for you. HOORAY! You know you're all screwed now, right? I've got another really nice picture of Girl that I'd like to add, but she looks SO beautiful, I think for her own good, I'll leave it stashed in the memory of the computer!


Lora said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing some family photos! I just love 'em. Happy new year again. Can't wait to see some more current pics too.
Hugs from Lora and Griffin to you and the family :)

KCsMom said...

Love the photos Christina! Your boys are beautiful:)

Octoberbabies said...

Oh my god, you're so screwed! Not only do you almost have two teenagers, but they're beautiful teenagers!!!

Phew, glad I have a bunch of years to go ! :-P

Smallboy's just delicious too!

Roni said...

Yay for pics!

Felicity said...

Love the pictures, love the entry. You all seem so real, and happy--it gives me hope for my own future.

marti said...

Hey, great pics. NICE wallpaper!!! LOL Ours isn't quite as, uh, noisy ... but it is falling down. Re our pics on my blog, the hat party is your family, too! The man with the mustache and his wife with the life preserver are Meem's first cousin (my dad's brother, youngest). The guy with the harley shirt is his oldest, and the girl with her tongue in the photo with Child is his only girl... Happy New Year!

kyra said...

i love the pictures! happy new year to you and your entire beautiful family!

Kristina Chew said...

Gorgeous, all of them, and esp. you in the 1st! My favorite is Smallboy in the Xmas program.

Laura said...

Love these. I have to learn how to add pictures to my blog entries. Beautiful kids, as stated above!

Eileen said...

Oh so cute!!! Thanks for sharing!