Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tonight Basketball, Tomorrow Night - THE STONES!

Yes, yes. It's finally time...almost...after one more night of basketball (to make 5 nights out of 6...and it's not over yet). The tickets that PC and I bought in July as our agreed anniversary present, since our anniversary was in December. It seems so long ago. The tickets have been sitting in our room taunting us since they arrived. Now, like I countdown to events with SmallBoy, only one more sleep!

Today is my last day at work this week (it's like Friday!!!!) and I've already finished up everything for today and everything that I need to hand off. I'm dead tired cuz PC and I stayed up very late last night working on stuff and learning stuff for the band (can you tell I'm tired by my writing? "stuff?" I sure can.) Tonight, though, even though I'm totally exhausted, I have a feeling I'll be wired by bedtime. Girl begins the playoffs tonight for the second of her three basketball leagues. If they lose tonight, I think they're out. If they win, they go on to play Thursday night. The team they will face tonight is the same team from Pack the Place last Friday. We wiped the floor with them. This is going to be an ugly game, cuz they're gonna be looking to avenge their loss. It is early enough that we'll have time for celebration afterward, before SmallBoy goes to bed, when we get home with ice cream, or time for consolation with the requisite chocolate ice cream if we lose...but we'll win.

We'll be up late, yes, win or lose. Why? Because the only reason I need to get out of bed in the morning, early, is to take LargeBoy to school. Ok, ok, I'll stop in and workout on the way home, since I'll be up anyway. What a great way to start the day. I'll be home when the kids get home and will get to actually spend time with SmallBoy afterschool, before his art class. I'll get to help him with his homework. These are things I normally don't get to do, and it makes me crazy. PC and I will probably go and get dinner, since didn't get out for our anniversary...we had friends over, Girl had friends over, it was fun. I'm sure I've got a post on it in here somewhere. Anyway, it will be nice to have a free day. We'll start process of removing the hideous wallpaper and putting on a new coat of paint. Haven't decided on a color yet, but we've narrowed it down to two completely opposite shades. I'll let you know what we go with when it's done.

Rambling today, sorry, folks! This is the time of year when I don't want basketball to end, because it means it will have ended with a loss, yet I'm conflicted, because I'm SO tired of it and rearranging our schedules around it. Like a mom, though, I want her to win. So we'll cross our fingers that tonight's game comes out in the "W" column, be glad that ther is not a win or die playoff game tomorrow night to conflict with Mick, Keith, and the boys, and prepare for Thursday's game.

Wow, it's only 12:30. Are you guys as bored today as I am? I could just sit here and read all of your blogs, but I'll do that this afternoon when the boss is out of the office. Til then, write something that makes sense and show me up. I wrote like crap today. Ever have those days?


PM said...


Saw the STONES last night...Skybox. Unbelievable!!! Concert did not start til 9:00; they played for over 2 hours and it only seemed like 10 minutes. I called Blondie #1 so he could hear Jumping Jack Flash. Really, Really Really tired today but, oh so worth it. Bought monkey boy his very first STONES shirt. Bought Blondie #1 a t-shisrt and Blondie #2 a beanie....a $100.00 later. Take lots of $$$$$.

Have a great, great time!!!!


Kristina Chew said...

We all get a bit dysregulated (especially post-swerving away from those large, fiendish trucks)! Go Girl--hope they get a big Win. Rooting for her from the East Coast!

Anonymous said...

You and PC deserve a great night out...Happy Anniversary!!

Love, Meem