Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Aaaaahhhhhh, Italia!

HI!!!!!! I'm still hacking and coughing and headache-y and stuffy and yucky, but I'm alive! Thanks much for the well wishes, you're all truly lovely! In my last post, about the yucky taste in my mouth, I received a "longer" distance comment (longer than my UK friends), from ET & my SIL who are currently traversing Italy. They posted their comment while in Florence. I can't say I'm much of a traveler, but in October of 2001, my church choir had the opportunity to tour and sing in Italy, including at a high mass at the Vatican. One of our stops was in Florence. The church pictured here, if you've not been to Florence, is immense, beautiful, breathtaking, glorious....oh...just amazing! We had the opportunity to sing there also. If I remember correctly Galileo is entombed in this church...maybe I'm mistaken, but I'm pretty sure it was this church.

I don't have a lot of time to post. I'm supposed to be playing catch up today and we're tremendously busy, but I didn't want to leave you hanging! SIL & ET, I'm SO glad to see you're alive and having a wonderful time!!!!! Take LOTS of pictures for me - I do so miss Italy. It was one of the most beautiful places I've seen, and it had this incredibly calming effect on me. At one of the most insane times of my life, this was the place that brought me calm, serenity, and helped me to realize that yes, indeed, I needed to move on with my life and break free from the Ex!! I'd go back in a heartbeat! Incidentally, this picture is the inside of the dome of that beautiful cathedral!


Pseudo Supermum said...
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Pseudo Supermum said...

(Oops - made a spelling mistake so deleted the first attempt at a comment!) I've been monitoring your blog to see if you're getting better - glad to hear that the worst of the "bug" has now left you! Have you passed it on to the whole family yet? Are you back at work already? Poor soul!

My dear spouse has just gone out to collect a special delivery that the delivery firm tried to deliver during the day. It's printer ink, which I need - but I paid a good amount to get it delivered HERE, so it doesn't please me that either of us has to go and collect it from the depot this evening! Meanwhile, I am officially "resting" after a busy day. I'm not convalescing any more - I'm just tired!

Laura said...

Hey there! Glad to see you've returned from the dead! Hope you continue to improve. And I would love to go to Italy - let me know when we're going! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am posting this late....you need to stay healthy, you are so important to your family, and the best mom I have ever seen. juggling everything you do....your immune system has to suffer. SLEEP my dear!! CHILL. I could never do that, and I have paid the price. You need to tell your family....I NEED a nap now, it's OK!!
Sounds like so many of your bloggers need to find time to "chill" too. Ladies...I am a grandma....chill...it's OK if your house isn't perfect. It's OK if you read a story to your child instead of washing dishes...and it's OK to say...."I'm tired...I need to rest" Take it from Meem...I am still working on it.