Thursday, March 30, 2006

What Do You Think?

First, my HUGEST, heartfelt, sincerest, warmest, tear-trailed thanks for all of your comments on that last post. I am constantly amazed by everyone's thoughts, advice, agreement that Ex should Go F himself (or as we'd abbreviate in our house "GFHS"). I am surrounded by such incredible people - my family, my friends (and in that I include YOU...all of YOU even if I've never met you).

You may have noticed that I changed my profile picture...again...Mama Bear cradling a small child. It radiates love, warmth, security, protection, and still sends out to others the fierce Mama Bear vibes...this is MY child and I WILL protect at all costs! I wonder if I can change the name of the blog to Mama Bear - Mess with my kids and I'll rip out your heart and feed it to the vultures (thanks Marti)

SmallBoy had a better night last night. He was missing LargeBoy something awful, though. LargeBoy is on Spring Break this week and has been out with friends since before SmallBoy gets home from school until after he's in bed. So after SmallBoy EXPRESSED that he misses his brother (HOORAY!!!!! - for the expression, that is), I made it a point to have LargeBoy write him a quick note to say hello. It said something along these lines:

Dear SmallBoy,

I haven't seen you very much this week so I wanted to write you a note to say hi. I promise to spend some time hanging out with you and beating you at the Sonic game.


p.s. Girl smells, so don't sit next to her.

I love that he loves his brother so much. SmallBoy kept laughing and laughing this morning at the part about Girl. He was SO happy to see that his brother didn't abandon him (a la Ex), and made it a point to take time out of his day to leave him a note. See what just a little something can do! HUGS to all of you! I love you TONS!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a great note Large Boy wrote!!! And I loved hearing that Small Boy laughed and laughed!! Keep up the good mom in the world!! Meem

Wade Rankin said...

Very cool, big bro!

Cheryl said...

You have truly wonderful kids. Poor sperm donor is going to be so lonely one day.

mommyguilt said...

Thanks guys! Cheryl, that was a fab's 7:50 am here and I'm sitting at work zoning out staring at my computer screen...all of a sudden I just started cracking up and everyone looked at me like, "Huh?"

Laura said...

It is really nice to see what close relationships your kids have. And poor Girl - with two brothers is always going to be the brunt of the jokes! (But she looks up to the challenge!)

Have a good day!

Lora said...

Awwww that is soooo cool! WTG big brother! You must be so proud and I agree with Meem, you are the world's best mom!

Mama Kelly said...


what a good big brother he has
and wtg that he put his feelings into words

I'll even forgive them for making fun of girls

:::: sniffs heads of daughters, nope still smell like vanilla sugar shampoo ::::